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Lighting Style Guide | How To Get Your Interior Light Right
February 8, 2019 at 4:49 pm 0

Lighting is the most important part of interior design. There. I said it.

Create an interior statement with the Rey Floor Lamp.

You may think this to be a bold and false statement but think about it. You can have the most beautifully decorated room with incredible furniture, but if the light is too dark, or too harsh, the feeling will be totally wrong.

Getting your lightning right should be top of your interior wish list, and we're here to show you just how to create that perfect ambience for every room in your home.

Lighting Basics

Before you start buying lamps and pendants willy nilly, you need to take a moment to ask yourself a few questions:

1. What will I use the room for?

Knowing how you are going to use a space is key to getting the atmosphere right. Kitchens generally need bright, overhead task lighting so you can see what you're doing, where as Bedrooms are generally dimmer to promote relaxation.

Create a cosy corner in your bedroom or living room with a statement chair and simple lamp, such as the Alma Floor Lamp in Black and Brass.

2. What atmosphere do I want to create?

Creating an atmosphere can be as simple as playing with levels of lighting. Think about it- romantic scenes are usually lit with candles and soft lamps. For rooms where you want to relax, unwind or just hang out require soft, warm lighting. Playrooms, on the other hand, are promoting learning, creativity and play, so would require slightly brighter light to see what's going on.

The Soft white shade of the Casa Table Lamp offers a beautiful atmosphere for reading nooks or bedrooms.

3. What space do I have?

Thinking about space is usually the most overlooked thing when it comes to lighting your home. We choose beautiful bedside table lamps which take up all the space on our side tables, or pendant lights which are so low you keep bumping your head! Making sure you have enough room for your chosen lighting should be taken into consideration.

Using the Teo Pendant lights as an alternative to bedside lamps is a great space saving solution.

4. What's my budget?

Finally- don't forget your budget! We could all fall in love with a Porta Romana lamp, but no one will be willing to remortgage to have one! Set yourself a budget for your lighting and stick to it. With so many options you're bound to find a designer knock-off or beautiful simple design within your price range.

The Olivia Pendant light has just enough style to bring that designer look to your home without overpowering the rest of your surroundings.

What's Your Lighting Style?

Now you've worked out exactly what it is you require your light for, let's take a look at a few different styles of lighting. Depending on your personal interior style, there are many options and combinations of lighting styles to create very different looks.

The Haze lamp is an ideal options for desks or bedsides, as you can angle the light exactly where you need it most.

Minimal Modern

Minimalist homes will always be a thing, regardless of what other trends are current. A minimal style is classic, timeless and considered. Everything purchased has more thought put into it and is bought for substance, over style.

The Carmel Floor Lamp is suited for minimal interiors due to its simple shape and considered design features.

Our Carmel Floor Lamp is the perfect, simple addition to minimalist homes. With a smooth arch and subtle brass details, it will sit in any room of your home. Double up and use as statement bedside lamps, or position next to your sofa for a dedicated reading nook.

The Teo Pendant is a great choice for minimal homes...
... especially when paired with the matching Teo Table Lamps.

For something smaller, the Teo Pendants and Table Lamps are the perfect pairing for clean kitchens and simple suites. The marble brings a touch of opulence while the brass highlight adds a touch of modern design.

Scandi Cool

For cool, Scandi inspired style, think about simple silhouettes and light colours. White is the go-to choice for Scandinavian interiors, promoting a light and airy atmosphere. Our Alma range is perfect for this due to the slim profile and clean matt white finish.

Create a Scandi Vibe with the Alma Table Lamp

Pair the Alma lamp with the Fiesta pendant to bring a pop of colour. Exposed bulbs are also a key feature of Scandi cool style, so opt for a statement bulb to add your own twist.

The Fiesta Pendant in Light Grey adds a subtle pop of colour to your Scandi home.

Boutique Luxe

Ever stayed in a luxe boutique hotel and fell in love with the statement lamps and luxurious textures? Creating this look yourself is super easy! Think marble bases, chrome stands and oversized shades and you're there!

Pair up the Casa Table and Floor Lamps for a boutique statement.

The Casa range is ideal for creating a Boutique Luxe style. Position and pair of table lamps either end of a sideboard, or one your bedside tables for a symmetrical look. Alternatively, the stand alone floor lamp will add drama and an opulent feel to any living room or hallway.

Or use the Casa Table Lamps as bedside lamps for a real style statement.

Compact Living

Finally, with space at a premium, we are all trying to squeeze a little bit more into a little bit less. Be savvy with your lighting choices and opt for space saving solutions.

Save space with bedside pendants. Keep your side tables clear and nail interior styling all at once.

Play around with pendant lights instead of bedside lamps to keep surfaces clear and create a style statement. Or maybe choose a compact table lamp which is light and easy to move around if needs be. Compact styles such as the Felix and Pablo are perfect when perched on a stack of books or stand alone on your side tables.

Simple yet effective styling in the form of our Felix Table Lamp.

Our Stylists Top Tip When Lighting Your Home

You are now fully clued up on your own interior style and how to use your new Danetti Lamps. Just incase, here's a run down from our in-house interior stylist on how lighting can affect your home.

  • Be sure to select the right style of lighting for your space. Task lamps work great in home offices, pendants in hallways and kitchens and table lamps as bedside lamps.
The Flo Table Lamp brings style and colour to your bedroom.

  • Consider your personal style before selecting your lighting. Modern homes call for clean, simple lines. Avoid overly fussy shades or vintage styles to maintain your signature style.
Fiesta Dome in Blue

  • Bulbs should not be overlooked. Know the wattage of your bulbs and make sure you're using them correctly. 80W should be used for task lighting, whereas 30W is more than enough for relaxation zones.
Pablo Marble Table Lamp in Black

  • Choose styles which will not date and are not too "trend" based. Tassle lamps may be big now, but in a couple years time, your simple marble lamp will be much more versatile than that hot pink velvet number.
Oscar Marble Table Lamp in White

  • You can never have too many lamps. I have 6 lamps alone in my living room, each a slightly different style and giving off a slightly different light. This helps to create enough light to see efficiently, but not so harsh as to stop us from relaxing.
The Carmel Lamp creates a tranquil zone for those dark winter evenings.

Show Us Your Style!

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How to Be Your Own Interior Designer – Open Plan Living Ideas
January 11, 2019 at 1:55 pm 0
Open up your favourite interior magazine and I'm sure you'll see pages and pages full of open plan kitchens. Beautiful kitchen islands separating the cooking space from the dining area. Huge, clean homes fill your head with ideas and inspiration for creating your own open plan living space. And although these images look incredible, it's likely they've been styled within an inch of their life by a professional interior designer.    Interior Designer : Arc and Riva 4 Seater Glass and White Gloss Dining Set   If you want to create your dream open plan kitchen in your own home, all you need is a bit of willpower, planning and a head full of ideas. Here are a few tips on how to get started...  

Interior Designer: Open Plan Kitchens

Place Furniture in the Middle of the Room

When it comes to creating an open plan area of your home, it's really important to think about the layout. We want to avoid any clear walkways from one end of the room to another. Although it may feel natural to place your furniture around the edges of your room, mix things up and place a table in the middle! This will make you walk around the furniture. By simply placing furniture in the middle of a walkway you tie the room together and make a larger space feel cosy and filled.     Our customer, Lizzy, Has renovated her 70's home to a modern and crisp family home. They created a huge open plan living/dining space, with the focal point being this stunning kitchen featuring the Verona Barstool. By sticking to a simple grey and chrome colour palette their home feels seamless and warm, despite being very open. Kitchens work so well as open plan living spaces, due to the furniture naturally found in a kitchen. Kitchen islands, tables and dining benches are great pieces to use to separate the dining from the cooking.  

Top Tip: Glass Dining Tables are a great option for open plan living space. The clear table will allow more light to fill your space, keeping your home light and airy. 


Create Zones

Although you want the kitchen and dining areas to be in the one room, it's important to zone your home. Placing furniture in the middle of the room will help with the flow of the space, but by using subtle colour treatments and lighting, you can create clear zones to really separate the space.   Think about these tips when zoning your open plan kitchen:  
  • A kitchen Island will help bring the cooking area to the dining area.
  • Choosing a different colour/wallpaper in each area will help create a feeling of different rooms. Be sure to choose a simple colour palette to keep things harmonious. Avoid painting the kitchen green and the dining space purple as this will be too much contrast and create an unharmonious feel.
  Zen 6 Seater Grey Gloss Dining Table

Zen and Santo Dining Set with the Teora Bar Stools

Top Tip: Interhouse Design has created this amazing, light and open space by sticking to a clean colour palette and gloss finishes. A U-shaped kitchen featuring breakfast bar will help zone your open plan kitchen 

  • Add pendant lights over a table or island to create a 'wall'. This height will help break up your space all the while marrying the two areas together.
  • Use the same style throughout the space. If you have Velvet Barstools, choose Velvet Dining Seating too. Sticking to a scheme will help make the room feel tied together.
  • Think about height. Floor lamps or tall shelving units will help add height and a point of difference in your home. Using furniture which is all one level will make your home feel flat and uninspiring. Adding height adds interest.

Open Plan Living Areas

It's not just kitchens which work well as open plan living areas. You can create an open plan kitchen/living area, or maybe a home office combined with a living room. No matter what you use your space for, by following the above tips you can easily create any open plan living space.     If you're feeling super adventurous, why not have a fully open plan kitchen, dining, living area? This may take a little more thought and planning, but by spacing your furniture well and sticking to a cohesive colour scheme, you can create a truly beautiful home and become your own interior designer.   If you'd like to go back to basics, take a look at how to become your own interior designer. Where we walk you step by step through the basics of decorating your home without forking out for a professional interior designer.  

Show us your Style!

Have you recently re-designed your home? Don't forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook using #mydanetti. To view all the pieces listed in this post and more, head over to our website.
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How to Become Your Own Interior Designer
July 27, 2018 at 5:00 pm 2
So you're finally in your new house, however, the dated decor leaves little to be desired. You're thinking to yourself "it's going to take a qualified interior designer to sort this place out".


There's no need to fork out for an interior designer when you could quite easily do it yourself! Plus, you'll have great fun along the way and learn a few new skills. Follow our ten steps and you'll be well on your way to creating the home of your dreams.  

1. Focus on What You Like in Your Home

  The first thing to do is to focus on what you like to do in your home. Think about how it gets used, or how you would like to use it. Perhaps you'd like a cosy TV and games room for the kids or a quiet spot where you can sit and read. This may require a bit of re-configuring but that's why creating your dream home is all about.  

Luxe Chaise and Ripple Glass Coffee Table in Gold

  It's all these considerations can form a 'Wishlist'. Your wishlist will end up being very similar to a brief that you would give to an interior designer, so it's a good place to start even when you're doing it yourself.  

2. Don't be Afraid to Borrow Ideas

  Create a Pinterest board of looks you love and details you would like to incorporate. Don’t just take inspiration from the internet, though. Get out and about, visit art galleries, beautiful shops, friends homes and restaurants and take snaps of the areas which really catch your eye. Remembering these places and ideas can help you understand how form, texture, colour, scale, lighting and space can be combined to create something you like.    

3. Bring out the Best in What You Have

  Try to bring out the best in what you already have and work with it. What are its best features? Perhaps it’s a beautiful fireplace, an incredible view or a high ceiling? Accentuate these features with lighting and furniture arrangement to create a dramatic focal point. If you have a modern house, there's no point trying to make it ornate or trying to create a 'heritage' look. You have been blessed with a blank canvas to create the modern home you've always envisioned- be it glam, or minimal.  

Aria, Santo and Loop Bench Set, from Interhouse Design 


4. Get the Basics Right, and the Rest Will Fall into Place

  Although it's tempting to get carried away with thoughts of the fun stuff like wallpaper and soft furnishings, you really need to think carefully about the basics first. Create boards of flooring, tiles, wallpapers and paint samples to make sure you're happy with your chosen colours and finishes. Once you have the basics figured out, the little details will simply fall into place.  

Santo Dining Chairs and Canio Occasional Chair in White


5. Select Your Furniture Wisely

  Just because you like the look of a piece of furniture doesn't necessarily mean it will look good in your space. Make sure you always measure your room before investing in furniture. To really make sure there are no errors, draw out a plan of the room to scale on squared paper. Then you can draw in the furniture so you can see exactly how it will look. At Danetti we make this easier, by always providing full measurements for our products. It's also worthwhile measuring your doorways and stairwells - the last thing you want is for your furniture to arrive and then not to fit through the door!  

Dillon Sofa with Halo Walnut Coffee Table and Walnut Duo


6. Think About Your House as a Whole

  Too many people isolate one room, give it a certain vibe and colour scheme, and then chose something totally different in the room next door. Rooms shouldn't all be decorated the same, but it does help if there is some harmony. This is a particular skill of an interior designer, but it's a useful habit to get into.  

Finn Barstools

  You want your living spaces to be vibrant and energetic, such as kitchens and playrooms, but keeping your resting rooms more subdued, like your living room and bedroom. Stick to a harmonious colour palette and a similar style throughout. The best part of this is that your furniture should then be interchangeable between rooms. Meaning you can refresh your home whenever you see fit with things you already own.  

7. Don't Forget Lighting

  In most modern homes spotlights are the preferred option. They are great as they distribute light evenly across a room and don't get in the way. However, they can be quite harsh in the evenings and don't offer much character. If you have spotlights, think about adding a few tasteful lamps to your home. these will give out a softer light and promote a more relaxed home.  

Acute Console Table

  Where possible use your pendant lights to create a statement or a focal point. This could be a cluster of low hanging pendants over a dining table or a beaded chandelier in a grand entranceway. Lighting will create mood and give a space personality, so be sure to give it some consideration.  

8. Keep Your Budget in Mind at all Times

  You don't want to run out of money halfway through a renovation project, so set yourself a budget and stick to it. Some things are worth investing in, such as flooring and your larger furniture like sofas and dining tables. Where trends change so frequently there is no point spending hundreds on your soft furnishings and decorative accessories. These smaller trend items are more cost effective so buy what you like, but don't spend the earth as you'll probabley be bored after a few years!  

Robin Sofa Range

  Remember when spending on any electrical appliances and gadgets that new technology soon becomes old technology, so it's probably not worth spending that much on the latest fad- do your research and invest in timeless items.  

9. Be Professional in Your Dealings with Tradesmen

  Before committing to a tradesman, be sure to have done your research, have a few recommendations and get a few different quotes. You should also ask for references and ask to see their previous projects. If they are good, then they shouldn't object. It's useful to put your objectives in writing, as this can be a useful document fall back on if things do not turn out as expected. Builders don't have the same artistic vision as interior designers, so be sure to keep a close eye and communicate every step of the way- too much communication will be better in the long run and save any unwanted surprises!  

Zen and Elise Dining Set


10. Don't be Afraid to Ask for Help

  Sometimes your creativity may run dry, and that's ok! Being innovative and artistic all the time isn't easy. Look to those who inspire you and maybe ask for help or advise. Independent furniture retailers such (like us here at Danetti) are very familiar with the process of furnishing a home successfully. We would be more than happy to help you find the pieces that will work well together and bring out the best in your home. Just give us a call and we will happily suggest a few beautiful options.   Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for Interior Inspiration. Use #mydanetti to tag us in your photos to be featured too!
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Danetti’s Top 6 Must Have Interior Design Apps
May 12, 2016 at 2:55 pm 0
Blog post Test Interior design apps are fast becoming the go-to gadget when it comes to home renovations. Searching through the various app stores, there’s a decorating app for almost anything; from selecting which furniture pieces you want in your kitchen to what colours would look best on your bedroom walls. We’re not exaggerating when we say there’s a lot out there, that’s why we’ve edited down the top picks to provide you with a manageable and little less scary list. Ideal for amateur interior designers and proud homeowners, this selection of decorating apps for android and IOS will make it easier than ever for you to gather interior design inspiration, learn loads of interior design tips and gain plenty of modern interior design ideas.  


Houzz App Icon

App Name: Houzz Price: Free Use it to: Gather inspiration and bookmark ideas

If you are looking to renovate or redesign any aspect of your home, the Houzz app is a great place to start. With features that make it a wonderful blend of other sites like Pinterest and Facebook, Houzz will become your go to design app when it comes to anything interiors. You can comment and share your ideas while also being able to save products to your own idea books. All of your idea books are saved on your profile for quick and easy access. Houzz is well known for its wealth of brand professionals using the site, meaning you can directly ask both brands and designers the questions you want answers to (you can view our Houzz profile here). With over 10 million photos and 35 million users, you really will have the world of interiors at your fingertips.    

Easily find brands, designers and professionals through the Houzz app. Read all the gossip, blogs and latest trend news. You can also join in discussions and get advice on what to do with your space!


The Houzz app lets you search by space, style or product. Narrow down your categories and search terms to find relevant pieces. 


My-Pantone-App-Image App Name: MyPantone Price: £7.99 Use it to: Find colours for your space Being the authority figure of the colour world, Pantone really does have the final say when it comes to disputes over whether it’s green or blue, pink or purple, turquoise or teal… The MyPantone app allows you to take pictures and match all of the colours in the image to the 1,000’s of Pantone shades. You can also find the RGB of colours. This is incredibly useful if you are doing anything on photoshop or online, as you can get an exact colour match. Being big fans of colour here at Danetti, we had a go at testing the app on the Pantone swatches we have in our office. Although the app did have some trouble finding an exact colour match to its own colour swatch, we can see its potential. Our design team said that they would probably use it for capturing colours on the go and making mental notes of colour references. We use Pantone as a colour reference for a range of our products, so this app is great for matching up some Danetti pieces! There are so many colours in this app, so if you are a fan of colour it’s not one to be missed.

Take your image and hover over your chosen colour to see Pantone's matches. Scroll through the variety of fanned decks to browse for a shade you like or to match up coordinating colours.


ColorSmart by BEHR®

Colour-smart-behr App Name: ColorSmart by BEHR® Price: Free Use it to: Find colours and see how they would look in a space If you don’t want to pay for the Pantone app, ColorSmart by BEHR® is a handy (and free) alternative. I wasn’t sure whether to include it on this list purely because you can’t buy their paint in the UK. However, the features in the app still make it incredibly worthwhile. Like the MyPantone app, you can take a photo and get a colour match to any of the shades in the image. The ‘explore colour’ tab gives you a whole variety of colours to choose from. It's also a great place to start when deciding what colour you want in your space. I really like how this decorating app suggests what colours will go with your selected shade. It also gives the palette a title which is so useful when you are trying to focus in on what look you want to go for. Seeing what colours coordinate best is also really handy when choosing furniture pieces such as occasional chairs or dining chairs, as you can get a rough idea of how the colours will work together in your space. From the selection of palettes, I opted for ‘cool tones’. Using the stock images provided, I was able to paint the colour onto the wall. Although this isn’t my room, I got a much better feel of what the colour would look like in a real space. This colour app is great for anyone who’s much more in the seeing is believing mindset,  as it gives a much clearer idea of how colours can look in a real space and setting.
BEHR image merge 1

Start your colour selection in the ‘explore colour’ tab. Once you’ve found your shade, browse the suggested coordinated palettes to see which selection would work best in your space.


Now you’ve got your palette, choose a room and try out the different colours on the walls. You’ll be surprised how much this makes a difference to how you see the colour and how it looks in the space!


HomeStylerApp Name: HomeStyler Price: Free Use it to: See how your space will look I really enjoyed using the HomeStyer decorating app. It’s simple and easy to use while also being quite fun to just play around with. Firstly, you choose your space. This can be done either by taking a picture of your own room or selecting one of the stock images. You can then scroll through a whole variety of products, dragging and dropping the product where you think it looks best. You can select furniture by room or by brand. This is a great feature if you have a particular piece in mind and want a clear visual of how it could look in your space. The backgrounds that you use are flat images so there are no 3D room views in this app. I also had some trouble putting pieces at certain angles in front of particular backgrounds. However, this interior app is ideal if you want a quick and simple way of viewing products in your setting.

Select, resize and angle your selected products in the space you’ve chosen.

Home Styler 2

Once placed in your room setting, choose the location to see how the product will look. Each product links to a profile. This means you can go on to purchase the exact item when you find the perfect piece!


Planner 5D

5d-planner-icon App Name: Planner 5D Price: Free (with in-app purchases) Use it to: Create 3D models and floor plans of your home. The best way to describe this app is that it’s like a handheld version of Google SketchUp for interior layouts. With both 2D and 3D modes, you can create your floor plan and place in different furniture pieces. By switching to the 3D view you get an even more in-depth look at your creation. Using the app is pretty straightforward. It’s just as case of using your fingers to click, drag and drop the various items. You can add measurements and keep your furniture to scale if you want a more realistic idea of how the pieces will not only look but also fit in your space. There are lots of product categories in this app, from windows and doors to tables and chairs, not forgetting your garden as there’s also trees, garages and even pools to choose from. The only ‘catch’ is that not all the items are free. If you want access to all the products in the app, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid version. However, if you’re committed to creating your ideal home in 3D model form, we definitely think it’s worth it. If not, there are plenty of free pieces to use and play around with to help you get a general idea of how the space will look.
Planner 5D

Choose what shape you want your space to be to get started. The app lets you create a space with rooms, doors and furniture, with both wall decor and flooring.

I’d like to say I created this but sadly not, it’s one of the room demos that Planner 5D provides. It’s a good idea to have a look at the demos. That way you can really get a feel for the app's design potential!



BrightNest-app-icon App Name: BrightNest Price: Free Use it to: Manage your project BrightNest is a great port of call for project management of both tasks and renovations. If you’re a little (...very) forgetful like me, this app allows you to create schedules and to-do lists to make sure you get things done. You can also use the app as a handheld notepad, jotting down the name of furniture pieces or wall decor you'd like to purchase. It’s great for keeping track of all the smaller things you are likely to miss when you renovate or move house such as cleaning the gutters and changing the batteries in your smoke detector. There's also loads of information for general home maintenance. You'll also be asked questions about your home. This allows the app to provide you with posts that are interesting and relevant to you.
BrightNest Merge

Choose the most relevant categories to get the most out of this app. BrightNest will ask questions to keep your content relevant and up to date. This is great because if you don’t have anything to do with ceiling fans, you don’t need to read about them! The various posts and mini style blogs offer pocket-sized information on a range of interior topics.

The Design Apps  You Don't Want To Miss...

Have we inspired you to give some of these apps a try? Maybe you’re using them already or we’ve missed your favourite one off of the list… Let us know in the comments! :) 
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Creating a Minimalistic Home
September 5, 2008 at 3:03 pm 0
Taken from the art form minimalism, the Japanese highly influenced the creation of minimalistic design through their traditional style and architecture. The design is simple - reduce everything down to its necessary elements.  

Plaza Velvet Stool with Luxe Sofa

  I wonder how many homes have unnecessary elements? With our hectic lives, I'm sure many of us have objects in the home that we just don't need. But can you imagine the satisfaction and fulfilment if the only things on our kitchen worktop where the bare essentials such as a kettle and toaster? How calm and relaxed would you feel knowing that everything was in it's rightful place and the area looked clean, clear and spacious?   Well, we can help. From the kitchen to the bedroom, in this guide, we tell you all you need to know to help you create a minimalistic home. So you can feel less stressed and take pride in your home.

Start with Furniture

  Always start planning your room with the key furniture items. Remember that less is more, so always try to see the functionality of the item. If it has no purpose and is never used then ask yourself is it truly essential. I would advise people to go for a few choice pieces of plain and simple furniture with subdued colours, decorative items beyond the essential can always be added later on. See the images below for achievable ideas to incorporate into your kitchen, dining room and living room.  

Aria and Verona Dining Set 


Aver and Senn Dining Set


Luxe Sofa Range

Clear the Space

  This means floors, surfaces and walls - make sure that all clutter is out of sight. Nothing should be stored on the floor or stacked. Try to buy furniture that has maximum storage. Surfaces should be removed of all items apart from one or two decorative accessories. Remember that when choosing wall art, it is important to only have one or two simple pieces as lots of pieces can make the space feel smaller. Always try and leave some walls bare.  

Cleo Round 4 seater Pedestal Dining Table

Keep the Decor Plain

  White is the classic minimalistic colour but other subdued earth colours can work too, such as blues, greens and browns. Avoid big and bold patterns such as flowers and checks as these can create visual clutter! Liven up any plain colours with simple decorations. A vase of flowers or a selection of candles can add interest without adding clutter.  

Drift Occasional Chair and Orbit Side Table 

And Finally..... Keep it up!

  It is important you find a place for all clutter and remember where that place is. Every so often have a look at the space and see what items are unnecessary. Remember a minimalistic home is a less stressful one!