Bring The Outside In – Interior Styling Tips

Bring The Outside In – Interior Styling Tips

Rich deep greens, soothing silhouettes, and feel-good colours: your window-sill plant is so much more than just pretty flora. In a world where our homes have become more digital than ever, we need to bring the outside in and connect ourselves to nature. Adding natural elements to your interior helps to evoke feelings of reflection and grounding, so whether you’re green-fingered or a lover of faux fauna, here’s how you can bring the outside in.

Decorate With Textures

House plants and greenery in its natural forms adds interest to a space. It’s also great for your health and well-being as it keeps you connected to the outside as you’re working. Some home plants like the snake plant are air purifying, so this would be perfect for somewhere like your bedside table.

If you’re more of a kitchen-window kind of gardener or are short for space, add smaller pots to surfaces and shelves. Having a plant near a window with the sun shining through also creates interesting shadows and patterns – this would be a great idea for adding some personality to a home office space.

Our Stylist, Jess Contomichalos says: “Putting up shelves so that you can introduce plants into the scheme will give a wall interest and depth. If you don’t want shelves, you can hang plant pots from the ceiling and add real plants around the space for a real feeling of life in the room. Failing that – invest in some cactus or succulents to add to your worktop – a living plant is a comfort and inspiring… if you’re not green fingered go out and buy the best faux plants you can find!”

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Wondering how to style fake plants? If you love nothing more than flowers, pick arrangements (real or faux!) that co-ordinate or mix with the colours within your home. Oops… did you forget to water your last one? No problem. Succulents are a great pick for home plants as they don’t need much water or nurturing.

Top Tip: Bringing a big plant into your home adds movement to a space and creates interesting shadows. Putting it in a particular corner opposite a mirror will mimic that natural feeling all around your space and keep you connected to the seasons.

Embrace The Colours

Green – a versatile colour that can help you feel more connected to nature when used at eye-line level. It is perfect to use on walls; shades like deep green have a grounding effect as it’s earthy and reminiscent of forest palettes. When used in a living room this would create a cosy and resting feel.

Our Designer, Francesca Birch says: “For a space that evokes feelings of reflection and grounding, use warm earthy tones and keep a mostly minimal room aesthetic, but you can style natural materials like wood with marble and patterns that replicate flora and fauna if you don’t want to go all out botanical. If you want to create a relaxing and calming space in your bedroom, work with a palette of soft greens and warm neutrals . Then, layer in texture and patterns to create a real sanctuary of your bedroom.”

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Citrus – Sharper colours like this can inject the feel-good factor into a space as they’re more energising. Colours like this should be used in your kitchen or even your bathroom so that it brings you some energy first thing in the morning!

Our Designer, Francesca Birch says: “Adding pops of bright and positive colour that embodies a feeling of optimism is especially important after the year we have had! Yellow is bright and cheerful and will uplift any room in your home when added into pieces like accent chairs, soft furnishings and accessories.”

Blue under tones – Greys with hints of blue are reminiscent of stone colours and provide warmth. They have subtle and earthy quality and would work perfectly in a home office. 

Our Stylist, Jess Contomichalos says: “Choosing a soothing paint colour for yours walls is the perfect backdrop for a working environment that doesn’t jar with your home.”

There you have it! A quick and easy guide to keeping you connected to nature. If you’re looking for some more inspiration for refreshing and refurbing your space, check out our latest collections.


Published Date: April 2021

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