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A dining table and bench is the perfect look for any dining...

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Dining Benches

A dining table and bench is the perfect look for any dining room. Dining benches are a good alternative to the usual dining chairs. We have a vast selection of upholstered dining benches which are made to measure to fit your dining table and complement the decor in your home. Available in a whole host of modern shades of faux leather, you just need to decide whether you would like a bench with or without a backrest. These are a contemporary option for those looking for a dining variation and are durable and strong which makes them ideal for busy families looking for a stylish look.

Good to Know: If you choose a bench for your dining table, you will need to consider the space available in the room. Because there needs to be a certain amount of space around the table to allow comfortable and functional use - consider the space needed for pushing the bench in and out also.You can fit more people around the table as dining benches allow for body space.This is because you can squeeze people in more easily than you can chairs! Wooden benches are easy to clean so ideal for children’s seating. No more worrying about messy spills on upholstered dining chairs. Benches are ideal if you have a small budget as you can seat more for less. Dining chairs can be an investment buy, if you can’t quite stretch to a full set then use a bench on one side which will seat more people than individual chairs can - it will not only look stylish but it will also save some pennies! Mix and match - benches look great with a cluster of dining chairs. Can be tucked under the table and kept out of sight which means they are not only good at creating more space for people to sit at the table but will also help save available floor space when not in use as they can be tucked out the way. All our faux leather benches are made to measure and upholstered in the UK  in a really good quality faux leather and cushioned with a reflex foam for extra comfort.

Our Stylist Tips: Most rooms need at least 121cm on all sides around the room from the bench, this will allow the room to function properly.The size of the bench depends on how many people you want to seat so how does that work out? So, a bench between 110-135cm in length will seat two adults comfortably. A table with two 125cm benches on each side will fit a family of three children and two adults. Dining benches vary considerably in depth. On average, benches have a height of 45cm and a depth of approximately 45cm. Depth should not exceed 50cm for comfort. A no-frills, simple wooden bench might measure just 30cm deep, while an upholstered dining bench could measures a generous 58cm.

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