Luxury Design: 4 Things You Need To Know About Luxury Interior Design

Luxury Design: 4 Things You Need To Know About Luxury Interior Design

Dark tones, rich textured finishes and opulent fabrics – this season, it’s all about making your home feel elegant and luxurious. One of the biggest trends emerging in interiors is the idea of ‘Considered Luxury’. We sat down with Danetti Designer, Francesca, to find out how you can achieve this signature look in your home.

What is ‘Considered Luxury’?

This trend is all about  pairing contrasting finishes whilst maintaining overall a fairly minimalistic and will be  one of the key  focuses for this season. Francesca explains: “It’s the idea of a less is more aesthetic, as more people are focusing on paring back their interiors and having key pieces of furniture that really stand out. They’re spending more on investment purchases, so you might buy an accent chair that previously you would  not have thought of spending money on.”

What does this luxury interior design look like?

Think dark tones in natural elements; dark ceramics, coloured woods, furniture with lots of texture and grain – all coming back to this idea of having a luxurious, opulent, and elegant look in the home.

Francesca adds: “As well as that element of luxury, it’s also about adding more depth to a space , so we’re bringing through more textured fabrics which we haven’t really  explored before, where the trends have leaned towards a cleaner more minimalistic look This season We’re exploring fabrics like boucle and different colour variations of this. We’re also bringing through a lot more dark wood and neutral toned ceramic

“Another look coming through this season that pairs well with this theme is curvy, organic forms. This shape nods to a connection to nature and comes back to the feeling of calm and serenity that the outdoors brings, which you will  see this coming through in our new sofa designs.”

What makes our new designs luxurious?

Here at Danetti, whether a customer is discovering new designs, ordering products, or receiving a delivery, we keep their needs at the forefront of all we do - and it doesn't stop there. For us, it's about providing the right product at the right time and being a brand that can be relied on for years to come.

Francesca says: “We’ve explored what our customers really connect with and thought ‘how can we evolve that?’. We’ve really listened to their thoughts and feedback and have involved that in the process, so we’ve reimagined some of our five-star rated favourites and we’re adding options in new colourways and textures.

“We want to listen to our customer, and that's really important going forward, especially with the increase in energy bills and cost of living. If people are going to make those considered purchases, it needs to be something they really want in their homes, which will  add that extra value and blend in with their current interior. The only way to do that is by listening to them and understanding what they already have and can add into a space.”

What’s your favourite new design coming through?

Francesca says: “I’m excited about some of the designs I worked on for our bedroom collection. We’ve got the Maple range coming through which  has a subtle scallop pattern  on the front of the drawers, which helps to add texture and depth to the room. We’ve also got the Denver coming through in a light wood option for bedroom – I think it’s nice that we’re bringing these lighter grains into the bedroom as it’s a new look for us  but is so on-trend with the Japandi and calming sanctuary look. I’m really excited about having the new wood in our collections and I'm really looking forward to having both the light wood options and the dark wood options across some of our best-sellers.”

Make your home feel luxurious - discover our newly launched designs here.


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