Design Ideas: Brighten Up Your Bedroom with Our Top Tips

Design Ideas: Brighten Up Your Bedroom with Our Top Tips

Cosy blankets, comforting mugs of cocoa and warm winter lighting – just because the days are cold and short, doesn’t mean your bedroom has to feel the chill. There are many ways you can brighten up your interior so that your room feels like a warm sanctuary escape in the winter months. Here are some easy ways to add some brightness into your bedroom:

Choosing the right lighting

Using colour theory in interior design helps us understand the relationship between colour and light reflection. Since conserving light is the aim here, using light colours for your bedroom’s surfaces can help maximise the brightness for longer. For example, using a colour such as ivory, cream, or white for bedding, furniture, and accessories can not only be soothing to your eyes but also kind to your psyche.

Contemporary beds such as our Amalfi Luxe Champagne Velvet Bed with Storage are an ideal choice for a neutral canvas that can also conserve the brightness in your bedroom. 

Colour is key

While lighter colours make your home feel spacious and provide a blank canvas for your design needs, a pop of colour can also be used to create interest and add a brighter feel. Colour is an element largely used for adding personality to a space with the additional benefit of uplifting your mood. 

Our Carina Mustard Yellow Velvet Bed with Storage is the ultimate eye-catcher that is sure to bring a sense of optimism and feel-good factor to your space. This king-size ottoman bed comes with plenty of storage so you can make the most of your space while staying true to your décor. 

Bring in some comfort

When it’s cold outside, we crave the comfort of the warm indoors. You can add that extra warmth factor to your surroundings with the use of cushions, throws, and blankets. Ready to grab for a warm velvet hug – comfort plays a huge role in livening up your bedroom in the winter. 

Decorating your bedroom with various patterns and textures can be a fun way to introduce design into your new home. For new build bedroom ideas, this is a great way of adding some  character to your interior without the big expense.

Reflect with mirrors

A great way to conserve light in a small space is to introduce mirrors into your bedroom décor. The science of reflection suggests that your light will be doubled as well as making your space look bigger. 

Another way you can reflect light in your bedroom is by using mirrored or glass furniture. A modern bedside table or console tables such as our Acute Grey Gloss and Chrome Side Table is the perfect combination of chrome and white to bring the brightness home this winter.

Keep it tight

A wardrobe door that isn't hanging right or a drawer that doesn't shut properly can make an entire bedroom look uncared for. 

Watch our video on how to fix a drawer to make sure it glides shut perfectly. Whether it's from a bedside table or chest of drawers, they're really simple to fix...


Our Final Takeaways:

  1. Using neutral colours such as white, ivory and beige can help conserve the feeling of sunlight making your space feel warmer and brighter. 
  2. Implement bold colours into your scheme to uplift your space. When combined thoughtfully using colour theory, your choice of colour can create your desired effect.
  3. Create a sense of comfort by incorporating snuggly objects like cushions, throws, and blankets. 
  4. Add a large mirror or use mirrored furniture to make a small space look large and reflect light for a brighter bedroom. 


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