Living Room Ideas and Sofa Secrets: 5x Things You Must Know About Our New Range

Living Room Ideas and Sofa Secrets: 5x Things You Must Know About Our New Range

From sociable shapes and signature styles to her favourite thing about interiors, we caught up with our Danetti Living & Sofa Expert, Julie Nolan, to get the low-down on our new seasonal collection.

Tell us about the Danetti Custom Made Sofa collection and what makes our range different from the rest?

With our custom-made sofa range, what was really important for the team was that we designed and made the product in the UK. It meant we had a lot more control over the design and being able to work with the UK factories, they have a lot of flexibility. We’ve teamed up with this factory because they’re experts in this area and can make the best over and over again, but our range is completely Danetti designed; these sofas are distinctive, they're exclusive to us and it shows in features like the finish, detail and quality.

What makes our range stand out is that there’s so much more to offer now than just things like velvet. We’ve got new textures coming through like boucle which we haven’t done before. As well as a bigger range of fabrics, there’s lots of new design details that customers won’t really see anywhere else. These pieces are very exclusive to us; designed by us. It’s about the sit as well, we always consider the comfort factor.

What’s been important to consider when developing our new Living Room collection for this season?

When building our new seasonal range, we always look at what key successors have been: how can we build on those and make more of that for our customers so they can use it in any room or within the living room as a whole.

For example, the Georgia Small Console was a great piece for us; it’s a popular product and a versatile piece with a clean frame and ceramic top, so it’s very contemporary and chic. We’ve built on the success of that and expanded the collection for this season so there’s newness, but also building on those favourite elements that the customer loves. We always explore key colours and trends too, as well as features that would appeal to families.

As well as functional aspects, we always think about key trends and the main one coming through for this season is texture, so there are designs with fluting detail, brass handles etc. Those elements that make a piece feel modern and chic.

Why do you think people should invest in their living room?

I think it’s important for people to invest in their living space because I think we've all learned so much in the last two years about valuing the space that we live and work in. Everything has been in our homes and it’s about investing in yourself in a way and investing in your health and your mental well-being by improving your surroundings as it can affect your mood and your working habits.

What’s your favourite piece from the whole living room collection?

Personally, I love the Thea Coffee Table and Pouffe Set. I like that dual function; it’s a really considered design in classic colours. The finish of the frame and shaping make it a considered sculptural design, plus the smoked finish on top is contemporary. It’s practical, but a really statement piece.

What’s your favourite thing about interiors?

The thing I love most about interiors is that anything goes. It’s a space where you can really be true to yourself. It's your home and you can be expressive in what you buy, and I don't think there are any rules, it's a style thing where you can be as creative as you like.


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