Garden Trends: The New Collection Close Up

Garden Trends: The New Collection Close Up

Make your garden an extension of your home by bringing the style and comfort of your interior outdoors with our new collection – perfect for  creating your signature summer style for outdoor living and socialising. We sat down with our Garden Buyer, Kelly, to look at how these new pieces will help you to enjoy that holiday feeling from the comfort of your own outdoor space.

What makes this new seasonal collection different?

This season, we’re bringing through a lot more texture and colour. Danetti has always had classic garden pieces with aluminium frames, but we’re adding finishes like light oak and rope detailing to our offering which brings a new style to the range, perfect for customers who want their garden furniture setting to look more subtle and ‘natural’.

We’re also introducing pieces with far more multi-functionality such as extending dining tables and fire-pit tables, so there’s more versatility in our outdoor products. They’re pieces that you can use day-to-day in the summer without taking up too much space, but then when you do want to entertain, you can style your space to cater to your needs, whether that be day to day summer living, or bigger outdoor entertaining events.

We’re also bringing through an outdoor kitchen set and pizza stand, so you can really make your garden an extension of your home by enjoying outdoor summer dining with friends and family.

What big trends are we seeing come through for the garden in 2022?

One of the biggest trends we are seeing come through this season is ‘high contrast’; so you have black with beige, neutral materials like stone colour cushions paired with a black frame to give a bit more of a modern yet sort of ‘natural’ vibe at the same time

What are your favourite pieces in the new collection and why?

The Romero Dining Table is my favourite new piece in the collection as I think it will cater to a lot of people; it’s inspired by our smaller fire pit that I have always loved. It’s perfect for someone that may be limited for space in their garden as it has that dual functionality, so it can see you through dinner during the day to fire-pit socialising at night. It’s something you could also have out all year round if you wanted to have fireworks in the winter etc.

How would you sum up this new seasonal collection?

This new collection is all about bringing that homely feeling outdoors. Over the past two summers having an outdoor space that is functional and stylish has become more important to people, so we’re bringing through pieces that will make outdoor living practical and luxurious.


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