Stylish Matching Bar Stools and Dining Chairs

Stylish Matching Bar Stools and Dining Chairs

We’ve always said that your homes should be a reflection of you. Don’t try too hard to match everything in your home as this can feel uncreative and an easy solution. You want your furniture to sit well together so it’s important to choose pieces with a similar style.

That said, there is one area where co-ordinated furniture feels right at home; our dining areas. By choosing matching bar stools and dining chairs you can create an effortlessly cool kitchen/diner without spending months looking for complimentary pieces.

Take a look at out 5 very different looks of matching bar stools and dining chairs for those first-time buyers, to those with a slightly more luxurious budget.


Finn Range

Le’ts start with our best selling set, and with prices starting at £55, the Finn range is ideal for those with a tighter budget for furnishing the kitchen. Available in a variety of colours to suit any home interior style, the moulded plastic seat makes the Finn barstool and dining chairs idea for families.


Finn Barstool


Cleaning the Finn range could not be easier- simply wipe with warm soapy water and a clean cloth. These matching bar stools and dining chairs can even be cleaned with an antibacterial spray, once again making them the ideal option for families.


Finn Dining Chairs


For a relaxed look, mix and match your colours and pair the Finn Dining armchair with the regular Finn dining chair. By placing the armchairs at each end of your tables, you’ll create a more comfortable setting for longer meal times. Alternatively, if you wanted simple style in your kitchen, stick to white and grey for a modern, minimal home.


Finn Dining Armchair


Form Range


If you wanted more of a sleek range of matching bar stools and dining chairs, take a look at the form Range. Our Form range if our most popular set of dining furniture, and has many different options to choose from.


Form Barstool with Backrest in Graphite Grey and Form Barstool in Cool Grey- Both Stainless Steel Finishes


You can choose between chrome, black chrome, or our brand new stainless steel finishes in our Form barstools and dining chairs. Also, the Form product come in a complementary colour palette of greys and teal, with the Form Barstools offering a contrasting colour stitch, for that added style.


Form in Black Chrome and Cool Grey


As with the Finn range, the Form also comes in a standard dining chair and a dining armchair. The Black chrome finish on these Form products brings added depth to your interior and is a fresh alternative to classic chrome furniture.


Form Chrome Gas Lift Bar Stools in Cool Grey


Brand new to our Form range for 2018 is the Form Gas Lift Bar Stool. This comes in Cool Grey or Graphite Grey, and with your choice of stainless steel or chrome bases. For your modern family homes, the form range is a great option for matching bar stools and dining chairs for your kitchen.


Monti Range


And finally, in our top picks of matching bar stools and dining chairs, if our luxurious, real leather Monti Range. If you’re after a coordinated look for a luxury kitchen, take a look at our customer, Katherine, and how she has used the Monti Barstools and Dining Armchairs for her new kitchen.


Monti Real Leather Armchair


By choosing a graphite grey real leather, the Monti range brings much-needed contrast to Katherine’s light and modern kitchen. The real leather also ensures longevity in this range of kitchen furniture making them well worth their price.


Monti Real Leather Barstools


If you want a true luxury styled home, choose our pure white leather Monti Dining Chairs. Just be aware that protecting your leather is highly recommended. Denim colour can transfer and marks may show more easily. Take a look at our leather car blog post here for more tips on our top leather cleaners and protectors.


Monti Real Leather Dining Chairs


Do you have matching bar stools and dining chairs in your kitchen? Show us! Tag #mydanetti in your photos for the chance to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook pages!



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