Relaxing Interior Design: 3 Ways To Create a Relaxing Space at Home

Relaxing Interior Design: 3 Ways To Create a Relaxing Space at Home

Soft and neutral palettes, soothing fabrics and textures, and subtle signature detailing; it’s the perfect interior recipe for creating a home that feels like a sanctuary. We sat down with Danetti Designer, Francesca, to discover how you can easily create an aesthetic that feels comfortable, warm, and cosy.

What trending colours can I use to create a relaxing home?

Francesca says: “In terms of a colour palette, earthy tones are still on-trend, but these are warming up for the season and are colours that relate to nature as well as food; things like terracotta and lots of colour like chocolate, caramel, honeycomb, and biscuit are going to be big. They’re all leaning towards this brown hue that relates back to this idea of having an environment that feels cosy and warm, and reflective of nature.”

Why is this important for our homes?

Francesca says: “It’s about creating somewhere where you can go and feel relaxed.  The idea of creating  a calming sanctuary of our home spaces comes from the concept, ‘Niksen’. This is a Dutch concept which is defined as ‘the art of doing nothing’. You can relate this to interiors in that you're trying to create a calming environment to be in, where you can go as a real welcome retreat.

“You want to be able to come home or switch off your laptop if you’ve been working from home and essentially do nothing. Just simply be relaxed in a space without distraction. A lot of the spaces we’re trying to create now are reflective of us trying to improve our health and wellbeing, and we're trying to create these spaces within our homes that we can escape to.”

What does ‘Niksen’ interior design look like?

Francesca explains: “In terms of a look, it would involve keeping the space quite minimal, but also having pieces of furniture  that exude a feeling of calm and tranquillity upon us. Trends previously have followed that classic minimalistic look of a clean white interior with much cooler tones, but this season, it’s about taking some of those minimalist elements and warming things up using darker earthier colours.”

Our recommended picks for creating a relaxing home aesthetic:

Alpine Champagne Velvet 3 Seater Sofa

Bring effortless style into your home with this glamorous champagne sofa. Designed with a classic silhouette, soft velvet finish, comfortable seat and light wood legs for a calming aesthetic that you can unwind in. Its signature button detailing and inviting shape make this sofa a great accent piece with the wow factor. Available in dark grey, dark green, champagne and mustard yellow. 

Karma Light Grey Fabric Occasional Chair

Sit back, put your feet up and unwind with a good book on the luxurious Karma Armchair and Footstall finished in a sumptuous, soft fabric finish. Its sleek shape, functional headrest and smooth reclining feature will keep you supported and sitting comfortably for hours. Also available in a real leather finish in four classic colours.

Atlanta Light Oak Dining Table

If you want to create a statement in your dining space, it's all about the centre piece in your room - the dining table. With its signature starburst leg design in black, beautifully contrasted by a light oak finish, the Atlanta is perfect for entertaining guests in style. This oak table with black legs can comfortably sit eight and comes with a modern chamfered edge.

Clover Champagne Velvet Barstool with Light Wood Leg

Looking for comfortable and elegant breakfast barstools? The five-star rated Clover is for you - beautifully upholstered in soft velvet with a mid-century style. This stool is now available with a lighter leg finish which is perfect for softening your space with a nod to natural elements and a fresh and airy feel. Available in three shades of velvet to match your interior, and you can co-ordinate with the matching dining chair for a more considered look.

Shop more of our trending collection looks here.


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