Modern Sofas: Style Tips and Décor Essentials

Modern Sofas: Style Tips and Décor Essentials

The focal point of every living room, it’s important to invest time in finding the right sofa for your living space. From the size of your living room to the colour scheme, there are lots of factors to consider when styling your sofa as it’s a centrepiece, and one of the most used pieces furniture in your home. When it holds such high design value, it’s important to find a style that looks good, feels cosy, and fits the atmosphere you want to create. Here are our top tips for styling your sofa.

Think ‘Plush and Cosy’ with Pillows

One of the first and most important things to consider when styling a contemporary sofa is what will add to that cosy feeling – modern sofas often have quite a defined and structured silhouette, and you can soften this look with pillows and cushions; an essential part of the ‘cosy’ factor. Mix different textures and fabrics together with accessories to add interest to your sofa and keep it super tactile.

The Harley Light Grey Leather Corner Sofa is spacious and comfortable with a finish that will with-stand the test of time. One way to add a little something extra to the look and feel of this sofa  would be to cluster together a group of geometric pillows for a more modern look or brighten up a room by adding some colour block pillows.

Add More Texture with Throws 

A good throw is a handy addition to any sofa. It can help add a pop of colour to your scheme or help soften the overall design if your desired theme is neutral. You can also switch it up for the season by choosing patterned thin throws for warmer months and chunky woollen throws for when the weather cools down.

Create Mood Lighting

Lighting can have a significant effect on our psyche. A warm light can be soothing and help create an inviting environment. A floor lamp will not only frame the look but also add height and dimension to your space.

It’s important to consider the right light to match your desired theme. For example, our Luxe Modern Ice Grey Leather Sofa is the go-to modern chesterfield sofa for a neutral setting; invest in a brightly lit or bold coloured lampshade for an uplifting ambiance.

Add More Interest with A Coffee Table

The iconic duo of the sofa and the coffee table is the trendsetting combination of any living room. As far as modern living room furniture goes, the coffee table is a great way to showcase your stack of books or bring your space to life with a bouquet of flowers. Great for storing and placing everyday essentials – our coffee table range caters to a variety of styles regardless of whether you prefer a velvet sofa or a luxe sofa.

Rugs Add To The Comfort Factor

Adding texture and pattern to your interior can really help bring all elements together. Rugs are a great way to tie together all the elements of your room, along with giving your feet something soft to sink into.

Combine and contrast with our Alba Beige Rug or add a splash of personality and colour with our Lenka Mustard Rug – there’s a rug to complement any great sofa.

When styling your sofa, the finished look and comfort are the key things to consider. To summarise:

  1. Add texture through cushions and pillows.
  2. Use as a design element or as a feature that is always available to grab for extra cosiness and comfort – your throw is an easy to update element that goes a long way.
  3. Create an inviting ambiance of warmth and relaxation through the addition of a floor lamp and choose your lighting to match your desired theme.
  4. Structure your space with a coffee table to complement your contemporary sofa.
  5. Soft rugs can help accentuate your space as well as provide the perfect canvas to bring all elements together.


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