Spring-Summer Trends: Playing with Texture

Spring-Summer Trends: Playing with Texture

From soft and delicate fabrics in cool and comforting neutrals, to rich and textured wood grains that bring a warm luxe look to a space, the big trend of texture and tactility is something we’ll see come in across fabrics, surfaces, and décor this season.

The good thing about texture is it adds an extra element of depth to a room and helps us connect with it. To coincide with the launch of our new collection, ‘Timeless Textures’, which combines various fabrics and finishes, we’ve answered some of your interior questions so you can confidently play with these tactile elements to curate different moods and looks within your home.

How do I add texture to my home?

Texture and tactility can be added to your home through fabrics, surfaces, and general décor. The great thing about texture is it helps to enhance a space and allows us to connect with it. Danetti Designer, Francesca explains: “The benefits of incorporating these kinds of elements in interior design is that as well as providing something to look at, it helps us to connect with the world around us because you've something to see, something to feel, and something to disconnect from and refocus your attention. You can also layer textures in your interior to create a space that feels both warm, welcoming, cosy and inviting, but also provides that sanctuary feeling. When you're in a space that you feel connected to, it evokes more senses.”

Take our Odele Range; this is perfect for bringing warmth to your bedroom with its rich dark oak finish and textured grain, contrasted with luxe brass handles. This contrast with a soft and neutral fabric headboard, paired with crisp white bedding would create a real sanctuary of the space and still provide a style statement. You can co-ordinate items in the range like the bedside table and the wardrobe.

Tactility is also coming through in other areas of the home including both dining room furniture and living room furniture. Danetti Designer, Damien says: “Thicker weaves are a noticeable trend in upholstery, anything that can add to that homely feeling, to make a space feel comfortable and calming. With patterns, chevron is coming through quite a lot on the market, like the detailing on our Serena range, and this adds a physical and visual element to a space too.” If you want to create a focal point in your kitchen-diner, you could match our Serena Dining Chairs and Bar Stools for a real luxury, co-ordinated look.

How do interior designers use texture?

Texture can determine how a room looks and feels and bringing this through in design helps to complete the overall look and vibe that the space will create. Designer, Damien explains: “In order to bring balance and depth to an interior, textures are essential. Textures bring contrast and comfort; they'll reflect and absorb light on different levels. Adding texture to the product makes it more tactile. It's something you want to touch and feel and creates an emotional connection.”

How do I use texture and colour?

As part of the big textural trend, we’re seeing a lot of contrasting colours and materials such as dark oak with brass accents – like our Barton bedroom furniture, or rattan frames with grey or beige cushions coming through in modern garden furniture, like our Shiloh range.

Danetti Stylist, Emily explains: “If you're going for accent furniture, it’s got to have that contrast whether it’s darker tones or lighter tones, you can do a mix of both. If you want to soften a look so it doesn’t feel too hard, you can bring in more bohemian linens and textures with a mostly light aesthetic, complimenting it with some dark accents, but keeping it monochrome. In terms of colours, it’s those fresher greens and natural tones that will be key to interior styling this season.”

What is ‘texture’ in the garden?

Nodding to natural elements in your interior and bringing the outside into your home is really on-trend this season, as well as taking the comfort factor that you have inside your home and extending it into your garden. Your garden should be an extension of your home and you can bring that homely and cosy feeling outside by creating a multi-functional space that works for outdoor living, dining and entertaining. Stylist, Emily says: “When it comes to gardens, this has become another sitting room and people are turning their terraces into the living space for the summer. There’s also that new extension of ‘the outdoor kitchen’.”

Creating an outdoor kitchen or bar area is the perfect way of entertaining in style within the comfort and intimate setting of your own garden. Your bar should be a practical and relaxed zone that allows you to host barbecues for family and friends with ease, and our Palm Outdoor Kitchen Set can help you with just that with its long-lasting aluminium frame and subtle luxe brass accents. The range allows you to keep chilled drinks close to hand with its built-in ice bucket, has storage space for hiding away those less glamorous looking essentials such as your gas canister or coal, and has plenty of shelf space so you can stock drinks and keep glasses and crockery to hand.

No matter the piece, our collection is sure to add style to your indoor or outdoor space. Explore some of our favourite new finishes and discover why you'll love them for your home by visiting our new collection page.


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