Interior Styling Tips: Create An Insta-Worthy Living Room With Bold Colours & Accents

Interior Styling Tips: Create An Insta-Worthy Living Room With Bold Colours & Accents

In today’s fast-paced world, inspiration can be found at the end of your fingertips. We’re guilty of scrolling through glamorous interior design images and wondering how everything could be so perfectly aligned with the design theme? The great news is, you can easily achieve this kind of look in your very own home.

We’re swooning over the current trending interior design theme that is Hollywood Glam. Sleek finishes and clean lines are every home decorator’s dream, but we want something with that extra touch of glamour and luxury. Bold jewel tones, brass accents, and an art deco colour palette – we’ve got it all in-store. Here’s how we can easily achieve this look:

The bold and bright colour scheme

Let’s begin with the mood setters of the living room; sofas. If you want to achieve that statement living room look, go bold and bright as the sofa is the centrepiece of this design space. Our favourite for this look is the Mayfair Navy Blue Velvet Sofa. This contemporary piece with brass legs and a velvet finish offers a soft and sturdy stylish design element.

With navy blue being our chosen theme for this blog; accessories with navy accents are an added compliment to complete this look. This could be anywhere from artwork, rugs, flowers to decorative pieces.

Add sparkle with metallic elements

Metallic elements are essential when it comes to adding glamour to any scheme. This can be done in the form of lighting décor, decorative fillers, or even essential living room furniture such as a coffee tablemodern console table, or a side table.

Aside from your sofa, your coffee table is another focal point of every living space, making it a star of the show. Our Ripple Glass and Brass Coffee table offers a sleek and simple yet luxurious design that is easy to combine with any art deco console table. In order to stay true to our chosen glam theme, we will choose the Ripple Glass and Brass Console Table to fit this art deco colour palette.

Pair this with lighting to match the brass undertones along with decorative pieces such as candle holders, vases, or mirrors, etc.

Keep it simple and clean

Avoid visual clutter by keeping it simple. We’ve got our bold and our bright – now all we need is the simple stuff for a truly luxe outcome. If you’ve got large windows, floor-to-ceiling curtains give the appearance of a larger space. Remember to use more neutral tones for this bit to give an illusion of added space. A rug to compliment the curtains will bring out the brightness of your art deco colours.

Texture is an element that can play a huge role in achieving this look. A faux fur throw is a sensory bonus against your luxe velvet scheme. Mix it up by adding some cushions with different textures and your perfectly curated Insta-worthy look is complete.

To sum up how to create your Hollywood glam insta-worthy space, just remember to:

  1. Add a bright and bold element as your main attraction to set the theme throughout your space.
  2. Accessorise with accents of your chosen colour scheme in small doses to stay consistent with your required look e.g. candle holders, pillows, throws, etc.
  3. Contrast the bold with metallic accents for cooling or warming effects, depending on your desired aesthetic.
  4. Give the illusion of a larger space by adding some neutrals to your colour scheme in the form of larger essentials like curtains and rugs.


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