Bring The Outside In: All You Need To Know About Biophilic Design

Bring The Outside In: All You Need To Know About Biophilic Design

From rich leafy wallpaper to soft and vibrant green cushions, there are so many ways to bring the feeling of the outdoors into your home through the concept of ‘Biophilic Design’. Discover all you need to know about this interior approach and how you can nod to nature in your home with our stylist and designer’s recommendations.

What is ‘Biophilic Design’?

This is a recurring trend which focuses on bringing plants into your home and goes hand-in-hand with the idea of bringing the outside in and playing with natural elements in your interior design.

Danetti designer, Francesca explains: “This trend is defiant in standing up against technology so that within our homes, we take a step back and return to nature, bringing that feeling of the outdoors inside. We want spaces that bring calm, and even plants have been proven to help reduce stress and improve our well-being and provide mindfulness in spaces. This can be as simple as bringing green elements into your home, playing with texture, bringing in a pattern or piece of artwork, or simply a faux plant - it doesn't matter how you do it, as long as you have that natural element and palette.” 

What better way to bring some colour into your dining space than through velvet dining chairs? We’ve expanded our five star rated Clover range to include a new light oak leg finish, paired with a seat that’s upholstered in a deep fern-like green. This combination of earthy and natural looking finishes is perfect for introducing ‘Biophilic Design’ into your room in a sophisticated and subtle way.

If you want to play with décor, putting plants in a particular corner of your space opposite a mirror will mimic that natural feeling all around your space and keep you connected to the seasons.

How does it fit in with this season’s trends?

The concept of ‘Biophilic Design’ mirrors some of the big interior trends we’re seeing this season. Danetti Stylist, Emily says: “The focus for trends this season is textures and colour, so botanical things and greenery, nodding to natural elements and bringing the outside into your home, and vice versa. It’s about bringing that into your environment, so playing with greens whether that’s through fabrics or natural elements. In terms of colours, it’s those fresher greens and natural tones which you’ll see coming through.”

Take our classic five star rated Amalfi Storage Bed, available in a new sage green velvet finish. Not only are velvet beds ideal for bringing a warm and calming feeling to a space, but this soft hue reflects the historical qualities of the colour green which include harmony, nature, and freshness – it’s the perfect recipe for creating a real sanctuary of your bedroom.

If you want to commit more to this design concept, play with prints – like the tropical palm design on our Green Palm Terrazza Outdoor Rug. Made from a water and UV resistant treated material and handmade by skilled artisans, it’s the perfect finishing touch for your contemporary garden, conservatory, or sunroom. Adding a rug to this kind of setting helps to pull your space together and add playful character.

Top tips for bringing ‘Biophilic Design’ into your home

  1. It’s all about the colour green – from soft soothing hues to rich and vibrant jewel-tones, pick a palette that works for your interior style, whether you want to create a calming space or a signature stand-out look.
  2. Play with plants – Whether it’s the real thing or something faux, you can never have too many. Bringing plants into your home adds movement to a space and creates interesting shadows.
  3. Don’t be afraid to use prints – This is perfect for creating a focal point or adding visual interest and depth to your space in different places. You can nod to nature through the use of patterned prints in cushions, wallpapers or picture frames.
  4. Think about texture – Textures can determine how a room looks and feels as they reflect and absorb light differently. You can again also add texture through fauna, prints or even wallpapers.

No matter the piece, our collection is sure to add style to your indoor or outdoor space. Explore some of our favourite new finishes and discover why you'll love them for your home by visiting our new collection page.


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