Japandi Interior Design: All You Need To Know About This Home Style

Japandi Interior Design: All You Need To Know About This Home Style

Natural elements bring an earthy and homely feeling to your space, combined with timeless long-lasting style and pieces that allow you to connect in comfort; there’s beauty in simplicity and these key elements form the hybrid that is Japandi design.

This trend has seen a big rise over the last year because it coincides well with the idea of considered luxury and focusing on key elements of a room that are more ethical, sustainable, and natural.  Here’s all you need to know about this style of interior design and how you can curate this look and feel in your home.

What is Japandi? 

Japandi fuses the comforting, warm colours of Scandinavian design with the sleek, minimalistic elegance of Japanese design. 

It’s a rising trend that focuses on quality and well-curated pieces that will stand the test of time - emphasising sustainability goals and eco-friendly lifestyles. 

Danetti Designer, Francesca explains: “It essentially means to ‘find beauty in the imperfection’ and with interiors, this means making the most of what you have and being intentional about your home and furniture decor.

“It also relates to materials used and how they age, so investing in good leather that will age well or a ceramic dining table that’s durable – something that in ten years’ time will survive any imperfections.” 

What are the key components of Japandi?

  • Muted colours and neutral tones 
  • Natural materials 
  • Clean lines 
  • Organised, decluttered spaces
  • Scandinavian functionality 
  • Japanese minimalism 
  • Bright expanses

Danetti Designer, Damien adds: “I really like the cross of Scandinavian design with modern Japanese - they're both rooted in minimalist design principles and focus on warmth and natural elements. Both have muted colour palettes and nice lighting, and plants are a key in it as well. I love having plants around the home.”

Love the Japandi style and want to create a feeling of art, nature, and simplicity in your interior? Here are some of our favourite pieces that would work with this interior trend:

  1. Sloane Wooden and Metal Barstool

Our new Sloane Barstool is the perfect fusion of Scandinavian functionality and Japanese rustic minimalism. Inspired by traditional oak bar stools, this design is a simple and stylish way of creating an extra space for socialising at your kitchen island. The slightly curved shape of the stool legs and the seat’s silhouette gives a softer feel to the stool’s overall look, which helps to accentuate the warm and homely feel that the wood grain creates.

The past few seasons have seen more of a shift toward using dark wood in the home and so these modern bar stools are also available in a dark walnut finish to suit your space.

  1. Davies Round Ceramic Dining Table

Round tables are perfect for creating a more sociable and intimate dining setting. This paired with the Davies signature light wood legs and ceramic top with a marble effect finish makes for a soft and relaxing aesthetic.

Our new Davies range is also available as a light oak and ceramic coffee table and side table if you want to curate a seamless and considered look in an open plan living and dining space. The Davies Side Table would also work perfectly in a soft and neutral bedroom setting.

  1. Toronto Dark Wood Sideboard

Designed in house and exclusive to Danetti, we've considered every detail of the Toronto range, so you don't have to. The dark oak finish and textured detail on this range adds an extra design element, so it’s truly a refined piece to give your home that put together, interior designer feel.

With its slim sliding doors and an open, centre glass shelf, this dark wood sideboard has plenty of storage space for hiding away items or showing off your accessories. The Toronto’s rich oak detailing is perfect for making a style statement in your living or dining space; this rustic texture will allow that natural feel to seep right into your home.

The Toronto is also available as a console table with drawers, a coffee table and TV stand.  

  1. Riley Ceramic Dining Table paired with the Leah Dining Chairs

If you’re looking for a ceramic dining table that can become the focal point of your dining space, our Riley Ceramic Table is great for making a statement. Its starburst leg design adds style and interest while its ceramic top with a marble effect finish is practical and easy to look after as it simply wipes-clean. Ceramic also has scratch-resistant and heatproof qualities which makes it an ideal choice for busy dining spaces that are the heart of your home.

Our Leah Velvet Dining Chairs are a perfect pairing to the Riley Table and will add a modern feel to your space with their clean and contemporary lines, sleek matt black legs and rich velvet finish. The champagne velvet is more in keeping with the Japandi trend while the deep blue velvet option nods to maximalist style.

No matter the piece, our collection is sure to add style to your indoor or outdoor space. Explore some of our favourite new finishes and discover why you'll love them for your home by visiting our new collection page.


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