How to create a relaxing master bedroom

How to create a relaxing master bedroom

Comfortable and calming colours, soft-to-the-touch finishes and easy-styling accessories: it’s time to create your summer sleep haven. Does your bedroom décor need a freshen up? Here are our top tips for creating this relaxing bedroom sanctuary look with recommendations from our new collection – designed by us, exclusively for you. Next stop: Dreamland.

Palettes consisting of warm neutrals help to create a sense of calm and if you want to build a real sanctuary of bedroom, start with the Amalfi Champagne Velvet Bed with storage. Soothing and neutral, the Amalfi's warm velvet finish is calming while its tall statement headboard adds to that cosy feeling. It’s also a timeless classic bedroom hero thanks to its easy-access hidden storage space, but if you need somewhere to stash those night-time essentials, look no further than the Benton.

Modern, minimalist and easy to co-ordinate, white is a perfect colour for base items of furniture when building the look and feel of your space. That’s why we have chosen the Benton Bedside Table and Chest of Drawers as key pieces of furniture for this bedroom look. With a sleek shape and silhouette, and a clean and crisp white gloss finish - who said bedroom storage couldn't be stylish? This collection comes with plenty of drawer space and the bedside table comes with a built-in cable management hole for neat and tidy charging, so even your furniture  will keep you stress-free in this zone!


Bring comfortable and contemporary style to your bedroom


Another stylish storage solution which we love to style with this bed is the Amalfi Ottoman Storage Bench. An ottoman is a great space-saving resource to have in your bedroom and can help bring a more ‘complete’ and curated feel to the space, as well as being super handy for towels, bed linen or even handbags and shoes. The matching signature detailing of both this headboard and bench brings a luxe vibe to the bedroom too.  

Add an accent chair to your bedroom to add to that boutique-hotel feeling. Not only is a bedroom chair a stylish addition – like the Clover Dining Chair which we’ve co-ordinated here with the bed and ottoman – it’s practical for using with a dressing table or keeping close-to-hand when getting ready. The chair’s brass capped legs pair with the other metallic accents in the room and add to the warm feeling of the space. Picking this texture or colour and co-ordinating this throughout your space creates a real seamless, cohesive look.

This bedroom is giving us hotel vibes, and when we can't jet off to our favourite locations it's exactly what we want to see at the end of the day... create your own spa hotel bedroom at home with our exclusive collection.

Once you've styled your room with your favourite furniture, make sure you look after it. A wardrobe crammed with one too many boxes or a drawer in a bedside table or chest of drawers stuffed with too much stuff can soon become unsightly. To read more about decluttering your bedroom, read our blog here

To learn how to make sure those wardrobe doors are hanging perfectly (and maybe repair some damage done), watch our video here. It takes less than two minutes to adjust and fix a misaligned hanging wardrobe door...


Here’s a reminder of our top tips:

  1. Go for a warm neutral palette to create a sense of calm.
  2. A white finish for key pieces of furniture makes for easy and effortless styling as it co-ordinates with a range of interiors styles and colours.
  3. Ottomans are great for additional bedroom storage and give a more curated vibe to the space.
  4. Warm up the look and feel of your space with brass accents.
  5. Accent chairs are both practical and stylish in bedrooms and add to that luxury feeling.

 Updated: 17th April 2023

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