How to create a calming living room with our signature look

How to create a calming living room with our signature look

Soft and soothing champagne tones, accented with rich and warming dark oak, finished off with sleek strips and shades of metallic – it’s an interior recipe for creating a haven in your home. Looking for some living room inspiration? Here are our top tips for creating this signature look in your home with product recommendations from our new collection – designed by us, exclusively for you.

Get ready to embrace the softer side of summer with sumptuous fabrics, modern metallic accents, and hints of marble. Layering neutral palettes with various textures and elements create a real luxury look and feel and will remain a timeless classic, meaning you won’t need to keep updating your space to create a refreshed look.

Start with our Luxe Champagne Fabric Chesterfield Sofa for your base piece, paired with its matching armchair. This sofa design is based off our original five-star rated collection but is now available in a premium fabric finish which is perfect for curling up and chilling out - soft to touch, yet durable. Its signature refined quilted detailing is subtle but adds a point of textural interest, so your sofa keeps its good looks even when it’s not in use.

Embrace the softer side of summer with this cooling colour palette


It’s easy for your space to become very beige in your quest for creating a relaxing space if you keep adding similar colours, so it’s all about accenting with the right accompanying pieces. This is why we have used a range of tables in several different finishes to complete the interior look and add depth to the space.

We’ve nodded to natural material and patterns by using the Aurora Marble and Oak Round Coffee Table as a centre piece and teamed it with the Georgia Ceramic Console Table. Ultimately, a coffee table and console table will give your living room a more curated look and luxe feel. As well as being durable and practical finishes thanks to their scratchproof and heatproof qualities, both organic marble and ceramic marble feature different kinds of markings and veinings which add to the natural and rustic feel of the space.

Smoked mirror is becoming increasingly popular and paired with a metallic framework, this makes for easy and effortless co-ordinating, which is why we’ve teamed the Thea Tray Table and Nest of Tables with this look. This smoke finish will gently reflect the light around your space, so by the space around the tables with soft furnishings like the textured rug, plush scatter cushions and natural fauna like the pampas grass, these details will be picked up in the reflection and add to the room’s cosy and inviting feeling.

Our 5 Top Tips – Round Up:

  1. Layer neutral palettes with various textures and elements create a real luxury look and feel.
  2. Using different textures adds interest and depth to a space.
  3. Play with materials that are organic or reminiscent of nature like oak and marble to create a more relaxed look and feel.
  4. Make sure you space doesn’t become one-dimensional by using the same colour throughout. Accent it with different shades and materials.
  5. Metallic accents will reflect any soft furnishings which add to the room’s cosy and inviting feeling.


Published Date: July 2021 

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