Interior Styling Tips: Create An Insta-Worthy Living Room With Neutral Tones

Interior Styling Tips: Create An Insta-Worthy Living Room With Neutral Tones

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram for spotless images of aesthetically pleasing living room design? We have too. Getting the insta-worthy design of your dreams is easier than it may seem. All it takes is some clever placement and a clear design goal.

Let’s begin with the soft and soothing picture-perfect home. A warm and neutral theme that can withstand the fickle nature of time and trend. This look is not only crisp and clean, but also warm and inviting, making it an Instagram follower favourite. Here are some recommendations paired with our trending pieces to help you get one step closer to your insta-worthy living room:


Add pattern and texture

Simplicity is the beauty of a neutral tone arrangement, making it the ideal foundation for any design. A one-tone look can sometimes be accused of being bland if not styled carefully. One way to combat this is by adding texture and pattern in the form of furniture or décor.

If warm undertones are what you’re going for, our Luxe Modern Champagne Heritage Chesterfield Fabric Sofa is a vision of comfort and elegance. Soft fabric with quilting detail makes this living room furniture a statement in a light-toned setting. A rug to match and a cosy knitted throw can also be used as additional elements of texture and pattern. Here, being mindful of your chosen theme is essential as less can be more in a neutral setting.  

Combine this with our popular Karma Leather Reclining Armchair And Footstool for maximum comfort and a picture-worthy living space.


Don’t be afraid to add a little colour

Just enough to create interest without causing a visual clutter. Adding shades of a contrasting colour in small doses can not only elevate a neutral space, but this is also where you can personalise the setting to fit your desired mood. For example, using throw pillows in brighter shades and patterns is a popular design practice used to liven up a living space.

Another interesting way to achieve this is with contemporary living room furniture such as our Aurora Marble and Oak Round Coffee Table, with its light natural veining in its marble top, paired with the contrasting dark oak base. A dark wood coffee table – such as oak - can be used to contrast a neutral theme, further adding depth to your insta-worthy living space.


Add a little sparkleWant to create a luxurious look? Add some glamour to your neutrals by combining them with glass, mirror, chrome, or silver. This super chic luxe look can be easily achieved by placing reflective elements into your space. Our Acute Large White Gloss and Chrome Coffee Table paired with our Berkely White Drinks Cabinet is a winning combo for that luxury element. 

When it comes to creating that dream worthy living room, not only can you create a space that’s guaranteed to pick up all of those follower likes, but a space that makes you happy and adds a fresh new feel to your home - it really is that simple. Just remember these top tips for building your insta-worthy room:

  1. Balance the one-tone element of a neutral setting by adding textures and patterns for interest and dimension.
  2. Adding a splash of colour can revive your desired setting from appearing bland or depthless.
  3. Contrast modern furniture with deeper tones for a contemporary and cosy setting.
  4. Combine with reflective elements for a glamourous and ‘stand-out’, yet comfortable aesthetic.


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