Home Office Inspiration – Our Top Tips

Home Office Inspiration – Our Top Tips

Comfortable, calming and creative… sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? These are the three key components to a successful WFH set up, yet the perils of working from home over the last year have left us with the likes of wonky DIY desks and pain-inducing chair choices. Your home office deserves to be practical and plush to keep you on top form for those endless Zoom meetings. It should also be a zone that inspires you and keeps you working at your best. Ready to revamp your workspace? Here are our top tips for home office inspiration.

Tidy Room, Tidy Mind

Storage is key: having a cluttered desk or being surrounded by mess and papers can lead to a lack of focus. Choosing a desk with drawers or space for a tabletop organiser means you can keep your ‘thinking zone’ chaos free, with your essentials still close to hand.  

Short for space? Go for a desk with a slim profile so it can fit into a corner or nook without taking up too much walkway. Our Trestle desk is a great pick as it’s compact enough to fit into a smaller space, but also has a full-width drawer for storing away those papers and files.


The Trestle Dark Oak Desk has plenty of leg room and storage space within the drawer

No Room For A Desk? No Problem...

From home-schooling station to dinnertime destination, extending dining tables mean more space for storyboarding those business campaigns or helping with those class craft projects! Several of our extending dining tables feature butterfly mechanisms so they can be easily adjusted to suit your needs within just moments.

If your living room or dining room has become your workspace, consider multi-functional pieces – like our Ezra tray table – which can be used a laptop table as it slides over the seat of your sofa.


The Ezra was designed to have multiple uses from a simple, cleverly scaled design.

Pick The Perfect Perch

Your chair should offer plenty of support for your back and spine when working from home as you may find yourself sitting at your desk for longer periods of time. Think about movement and shape that contributes to your overall comfort and support.

An office chair that feels like an armchair? Say no more. We know what working from home can be like and that's why the Foster office chair was made with a tall back and arm rests, as well as easy height adjustment. We all need something with easy mobility for those moments when a delivery arrives mid-work call!

Then there’s the customer favourite, reimagined for some office comfort and virtual meeting style: our Clover office chair pairs a plush velvet finish with an extra comfy seat so days at the home office bring long-lasting comfort. But if a spinny desk chair doesn’t quite cut it for you, add a little luxe to WFH life with the Harper Dining Chair: this statement velvet chair is ideal if you want to add comfort and a bit of glamour to your office.


Soft and durable, our plush velvets bring a delightful modern feel to any home office setting.

Light Up Your Lightbulb Moment

Keeping your space bright and uplifting will keep you feeling energised. Lighting doesn’t even have to be in the form of an office lamp – a bedside lamp or a floor lamp if you’re short on desk space would work just as well. Something with a slim and sleek profile will take up less table or floor room and keep your working zone looking tidy whilst still providing enough glow for those early starts or late finishes.

Our Top 5 Expert Stylist Tips:

Let’s not forget those signature touches that add to the look and feel of your space – here are our final takeaways from our Stylist, Jess Contomichalos:

  1. Choose a soothing paint colour for the walls – pale warm neutrals or greys are the perfect backdrop for a working environment that doesn’t jar with your home.

  2. Put your desk in front of a window to stimulate you as you work – a view is always better than a blank wall. If you don’t have a window, never face a blank wall - put up shelves so that you can introduce some accessories and plants to give the wall interest and depth.

  3. Add a bit of ‘you’ to the space – you could use a large notice or peg board to ‘decorate’ with pictures, notes and things that brighten your day.

  4. Add plants or succulents to the space for that added feeling of life in the room; a living plant is a comfort and inspiring... if you’re not green fingered go out and buy the best faux plants you can find!

  5. Don’t skimp on light in your home office/desk area. Always have at least two sources of light – a main light and a desk lamp or a floor lamp – task lighting is very important if you’re going to be at your desk for long periods.

There you have it - who said working from home couldn't be stylish? With our top tips and the link to our new Home Office collection, there’s nothing you can’t conquer. You'll be the talking point of all those Zooms…

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