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Breakfast and kitchen bar stools; browse our range of modern and contemporary...

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Bar Stools

Breakfast and kitchen bar stools; browse our range of modern and contemporary bar stools to find the ideal perch for your kitchen. From real and faux leather seats, to wooden and plastic; gas lift pedestal and fixed height stools with legs, no matter what you are looking for we are bound to have a Bar Stool to fulfill your needs. If you go for a stool with arms or ones that swivel you will need a bit more space.This is because the stools will be wider and ones that move need a certain amount of swivel clearance space between the stools. If short on space choose your bar stools carefully. It’s best to go for a stool without a back rest that can be tucked away. If you need a bar stool to be more than just a perch then you need to consider the most comfortable option your budget will stretch to. So perhaps something in real leather with a back rest and maybe arm rests with a deep seat to give a touch of drama and opulence and turn your bar area into a lounging and dining area also. Bar stools need to be hard wearing if there will be food served at the bar. Think carefully about the material the bar stools are made of so that they can be wiped clean and are easy to maintain.

Good To Know:

  • Allow for about 15 cm between stools for a comfortable seating arrangement.
  • Determine the best seat-width choice for your bar or counter-height table.
  • Consider the space between stools for people to eat,drink or socialise in comfort.
  • Heights are generally 71cm - 76cm from floor to seat.
  • If the widest part of the stool is 40cm-45cm allow 53-55cm of space per stool
  • If the widest part of the stool is 48cm allow 60-63cm of space per stool

Useful thoughts: Open plan living has become very popular, there has been a distinct rise in the kitchen /diner open space design option. Families especially are preferring to be together in one big space in a room that multi tasks! Its a communal space where you can cook, watch TV, do your homework, have a drink and a chat! This in turn has increased the popularity of the kitchen breakfast bar - barstools are big news. Not only do we still love a dedicated dining table and chairs but for a more informal perch, homeowners are fast turning to the bar and barstool option.

What are the benefits of a 'gas lift' stool? Gas lift stools are ergonomic and ideal for a breakfast bar where you are catering for all ages. A simple gas lever under the seat area allows you to adjust the stool height simply and quickly. The lever simply opens a valve and allows the air in the tube to either go up or down depending on whether you are putting weight on the stool or not.

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