Interior Design Insights: 3x Things You Need To Know

Interior Design Insights: 3x Things You Need To Know

Whether you’re curating a space that’s luxurious and vibrant or cool and calming, furniture is going to play a huge part in how you bring that look and feel to the space and tell a style story. From functionality to form, colour palettes and textures, here at Danetti, our designers consider all sorts of detail when it comes to curating a collection of products that will enhance a room within your home. We sat down with two of our designers, Francesca and Damien, to find out a bit more about the world of interiors and how furniture impacts a space.

How does furniture affect a room?

What pieces do you think are essential when it comes to designing a new dining room? Or what’s a must have for a bedroom space? You probably answered these questions with furniture; that’s because they’re essential when it comes to defining the purpose of a space and creating a feeling. This is a fundamental part of curating a product concept. Danetti Designer, Damien explains: “It’s all about the effect that the piece of furniture has on a space as well as the effect on the psyche of a person like the colours, the textures, and the reflections etc. When you walk into a space that’s been carefully considered, you can really feel it.

“It’s the emotional attachment that it creates and that’s what I love. When it comes to my designs, I'm inspired by how people use products. The functionality is fundamental, so I'm inspired by how a product makes people feel. The emotional attachment people have when they live with the product over a long period of time.”

Take our Japandi collection: it combines natural elements that would bring an earthy and homely feeling to your space with timeless long-lasting style and pieces that allow you to connect in comfort; there’s beauty in simplicity and these key elements form the hybrid that is Japandi design.

How does culture impact interior design?

Interior design evokes feelings and plays with our senses and that’s why furniture often embodies elements from different cultures or environments. Danetti Designer, Francesca says: “There’s so much inspiration that can be derived from walking down the street or immersing yourself in nature. I’m very inspired by the world around us; particularly by the Mediterranean, especially after having the opportunity to live and work out there. The landscapes, the culture and the history provide a wealth of inspiration. It’s the textures, tactility, and colours.”

When it comes to material trends, our latest collection, ‘Timeless Textures’ is all about ‘feeling’, both through the way your space makes you feel to the tactile finishes and fabrics used. Whether you want to bring balance and grounding to your space with cool and calming colours or create a style statement with modern contrasting accents, these designs are all about connecting in comfort with those you love most.

Why is furniture functionality important?

Furniture serves a purpose within a space and so the details and fixtures of a design should tie in with your need for the space. For example, if you need a table in your dining room that works for both everyday use as well as hosting, consider an extending dining table like our Nala design. It can easily switch from six to ten guests thanks to its easy-to-use, hidden extension mechanism so your table can be dinner party ready in just moments. These considered design features ensure that a space flows both in the way it’s arranged and styled, and the way it’s used.

The same principal can be applied to furniture for all areas of the home ­­- even garden furniture. Designer, Francesca adds: “My favourite piece in our collection is the Palm range which we expanded this season to include a pizza stand and an outdoor kitchen. A lot of thought went into the creative process when we designed the Palm, and the materials used in this range. We thought about the customer and how the pieces within the range could function, and how it could be utilised to work for different spaces. It’s a considered range of furniture in that it gives that feeling of luxury at home but is practical for all elements of outdoor living and entertaining with its high quality and durable materials, and on-trend brass detailing.”

No matter the piece, our collection is sure to add style to your indoor or outdoor space. Explore some of our favourite new finishes and discover why you'll love them for your home by visiting our new collection page.


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