Enhancing Grey – What Colours Work Best With Grey?

Enhancing Grey – What Colours Work Best With Grey?

Grey is here to stay! Coined as the colour of the moment, the timeless and always trendy colour has been a fan favourite in the world of interior décor for quite some time. We can see this throughout the history of design; grey has been used as a canvas colour to enhance other shades on the colour wheel.

What makes grey such a great colour to work with?

Grey is a colourless colour in a sense; halfway between white and black. This makes it the ideal neutral tone setter that can be customised to fit both warm and cool colour palettes. In terms of your décor, this means it is easier to set a mood of your preference – whether it's edgy and modern, warm and soothing, or bold and energetic.

Yellow and Grey

When a serene grey is paired with the brightness of yellow, the ultimate mood-boosting combination is born. The neutrality of grey allows the warmth of the yellow to pop in contrast, creating an aura of vitality whilst uplifting your mood.

Start your day with a grey round dining table paired with yellow dining chairs and make your breakfast a memorable morning experience. 

Blue and Grey 

For a cooler colour scheme, match your blues and your greys. According to colour psychology, the colour blue radiates a sense of peace and serenity but is also known to improve focus. You can maximise the psychological usefulness of this colour by instilling blue in your dining/living space. 

The subtle use of dark wood and brass accents can also be paired with grey for a luxe modification. Our Louis Light Grey Ceramic Extending Dining Table paired with grey dining chairs is a match made in furniture heaven, perfect to be set against a blue backdrop. 

Blush Pink and Grey 

Nothing says neutral, warm and soothing quite like blush pink and grey. This romantic duo is pleasant and comforting, making it a highly popular colour scheme for any bedroom. 

Our very own Furniture Designer and Expert, Francesca Birch says: “For a relaxing and calming space you could work with a palette of soft pinks and warm neutrals and layer in texture and patterns to create a real sanctuary of your bedroom”. 

This can be achieved with our range of grey beds with pink accents to match, such as cushions, beddings and throws. 

Burnt Orange / Rust and Grey

You can use this combination to be bold and striking or add a splash of warmth and colour to a neutral space. When appropriately blended, burnt orange and grey can add a rustic charm to your décor with a vintage ambiance. Uplift your living space all year around and celebrate this warming colour with statement pieces that will see you through the seasons.

With our Serena Grey Velvet Bar Stool with dark wooden legs, you can effortlessly combine or switch up your design needs to suit your desired theme.

A versatile colour such as a grey is a timeless addition to any home, with the power to accentuate any shade, look or feel. Here are a few winning combinations:

  • A duck egg grey set against a warm sunny yellow adds an energising and uplifting mood to any setting. 
  • Combine with blue for a cooler, contemporary look – add a splash of luxury using brass elements.
  • Romanticise your space with a pretty blush palette for a soothing, subtle, and effortlessly elegant living space. 
  • Switch it up for the season with rustic elements or create a bright, vintage vibe with burnt orange or rust and grey. 

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