4 Things You Need To Know About Interior Trends This Season

4 Things You Need To Know About Interior Trends This Season

Soft weaves, sweeping curves and rich textured grains are all on trend this season when it comes to interiors. It’s about creating a sanctuary of your home and turning your different rooms into relaxing spots that create a sense of calm, or allow you to socialise in complete comfort, whilst looking and feeling luxurious. We sat down with Danetti Designer, Damien to discover more about this season’s need-to-know tips.

Interior trends are still being influenced by the pandemic

Damien explains: “In terms of shape, the trends are still in keeping with what we saw last season. It’s all to do with curves and soft undulations in interiors that create a relaxing and  organic aesthetic. These sweeping lines are combined with hard surfaces and textures to create a kind of sensory contrast.”

Sensory contrast means we are more drawn to how a space looks and feels. When you curate a space that considers all the senses, it can trigger feelings such as warmth and comfort which is exactly what you want when you’re making your house feel like home.

A boucle material is perfect for adding softness and depth to your space – explore our collection of sofas, accents chairs and beds in this popular textured finish. 

People want their homes to feel more luxurious

“This was evident from the designs we’ve seen as we travelled around Europe for inspiration”, says Damien. “People want their furniture to bring them a feeling; they want products to feel as good as they look, it’s all about luxury.”

Nothing says luxurious like matching dining chairs and bar stools. Take our Juliana Velvet Bar Stools and Dining Chairs for example – ideal for bringing a glamourous look to your dining space. This premium and picture-perfect pairing has considered features; sumptuous velvet finish, a statement handle, and coordinating metallic accents. Build your own look with champagne or dark grey velvet and brass or stainless-steel accents.

Textures and palettes used in furniture have evolved with time

Damien says: “Texture has been key for us here at Danetti, with a real focus on comfort, too. This has been a massive influence on our new collection of upholstery and is something we’ve worked hard to develop. We’ve engineered a lot of those elements that make a piece of furniture feel comfortable, so we’ve increased our fabric offering by bringing in soft, thicker weaves and some new natural tones as well.”

Investing in ranges and product families will help you to create a cohesive look

If you want to create signature style in your home, nothing feels more considered that matching and co-ordinating products from the same range or family. Damien explains: “As your home style evolves, you can grow with product ranges. At Danetti, we’re always looking to enhance our customer’s favourite ranges by introducing new pieces.

“The great thing about this is say, if you have a sideboard, you could co-ordinate with a matching drinks cabinet to bring a more luxury feel to your space. Or if you have a modular sofa and then your family grows, you can add an extra module. We want to give our customers freedom of expression through our products, so the more products we have in our range, the more they can have that expression.”

Create a signature look at home, shop our collection of matching bar stools and dining chairs.


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