Our Commitment

At Danetti, we believe if everyone does a little, it becomes a lot. We are on a journey, taking responsibility and committing to building a better and more environmentally friendly future.

In 2022, we are focusing on five key areas where we can really make a difference and change the way we operate.

We promise to continue to provide timeless, but responsible designs that can live with you for years to come. This is the start of our journey and we hope you will follow our progress over the coming years.

What Makes Danetti Different?

Handmade in The UK

Our custom made sofas as well as our mattress range are handmade in the UK exclusively for Danetti. These sofas are crafted right in the heart of upholstery heritage by a family-run team of experienced experts who have your style and comfort top of mind. Each of our mattresses is also made with care by skilled experts using premium constructions and natural materials.

It's the little things that count

Within our new eco-friendly office and showroom we have thought of everything from using LED energy saving bulbs, reducing our printing and using recycled paper, not using any single use products such as plates, cups and cutlery, and ensuring all our cleaning products are eco-friendly. Our flexible working policy is helping to reduce individuals carbon footprint and alongside this we encourage carpooling and alternative methods of transport providing bike racks for our keen cyclists. 

A Better, More Sustainable Future

Our partnership with Ecologi has seen almost 6,000 trees planted. The planting projects help to support global communities and reduce poverty by employing local workers. The forests also provide habitat to some of the world’s most renowned and exotic mammals.

Every month we participate in funding the world's best climate crisis solutions. These climate projects include renewable energy generation, forest protection, and community initiatives such as providing access to clean water.

Our Promise

We work to bring you the best in design, and we believe supplying responsible and sustainable products should be part of that. By 2025, our aim is:

Our Longer Term Goals

In addition to our current position, and our plans over the next few years we’re working towards a longer-term goal of becoming carbon neutral, holding ourselves accountable and continuing to be a responsible and sustainable business.

We know this won't be easy and we have a lot of work to do - please join us on our journey.