The Danetti guide to buying outdoor furniture

Tastio deluxe outdoor chair in green

Tastio deluxe outdoor chair in green

The sun is shining (well it was last time we looked) and we’re all moving our lives outdoors.

Weekends are filled with barbecues, drinks on the terrace and casual family meals in the garden.

If you’re thinking about investing in some new garden furniture to celebrate the arrival of summer, we have a few handy tips on what to buy and how to take care of your purchases.

How much to spend?

As you’ll find with most furniture, the more you spend, the better the quality of materials and the longer your product will last. However, if you’re on a budget, look out for plastic furniture (Danetti has a huge selection) which can be really durable but still very reasonable.

What to buy?

Before choosing, think about what you need the furniture for. If you rarely have friends over then some simple stackable chairs and an extendible table may be great.

If, on the other hand, you’re planning to fill your garden with friends and family for the entire summer, some furniture which can be left out may be better.

Danetti stocks a range of square, rectangular, round and oval tables, and a vast array of garden chairs so you’ll find plenty of choice.

Which materials to choose?

Aluminium outdoor furniture is light in weight and practical too. It’s easy to maintain and is really durable – it won’t rust. Chairs and tables with tubular frames are the most light-weight of all, although this means they’re not ideal for use in particularly exposed, windy areas. Some aluminium will discolour over time, but you can guard against this by choosing a powder coated product.

Wooden outdoor furniture looks great and is practical. It blends seamlessly into the outdoors and has a great individual look. The weight of wooden furniture means it’s a stable choice in exposed windy weather. Remember though that wood will require treatment every 6-12 months to keep it in tip top condition, especially if you’re leaving it outside all year round.

Rattan or wicker-effect furniture will add a touch of sophistication to any outdoor space. The appearance is natural but stylish and it’s lightweight and easy to put away for storage, however this does make it less practical in wet or windy weather.

Lastly, but by no means least, plastic furniture. It’s great if you’re on a budget and you want furniture that’s contemporary and practical. Because plastic is man-made and can be moulded, you’ll be able to choose from a huge array of colours and designs. Plastic furniture is easy to clean and is extremely durable, and can even be left outside during the winter.

How should you maintain your purchases?

Look at the furniture’s care instructions to find out if you’re going to need to stain, re-paint, clean or move your furniture undercover during bad weather.

It’s important to make sure you have room to store your furniture during the winter if it’s going to be susceptible to frost or continued rain.

Even if products say that they can be left outside all year round, you might find that putting them away will prolong their lives!



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