Side Tables

Side tables are one of the most useful pieces of living room...

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Side Tables

Side tables are one of the most useful pieces of living room furniture you can buy! If you think about it a side table is like having an extra pair of hands! Somewhere to put your cup, book, or telephone. It can also be the ideal perch for a task or table lamp and what's more it's literally a moveable feast! It can be moved around the room to where it's most needed. Side tables are available in all sorts of styles and designs and we have chosen some of the very best to bring you a good selection to compliment your rooms.

Good To Know:
All our side tables are designed with contemporary style in mind, so whether you are looking for something chunky and sculptural or perhaps a table that is more elegant and slimline, we have a side table for you! Realising how important these little tables can be, we also stock a selection of nests of tables so that you can dot them around your room or home as and when you need them and when they are not in use, they tuck away neatly so they don't take up extra room. We have chosen a selection of side tables to suit all purposes, if you are looking for something subtle and not intrusive then some of our glass styles might suit you best, but if you are after more of a scene setter that will help compliment your room style, then perhaps choose one of our gloss table sets.

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