Dining Room and Home Office Ideas: 6x Things You Need To Know About This Season

Dining Room and Home Office Ideas: 6x Things You Need To Know About This Season

From luxury materials to practical shapes and styles that are perfect for welcoming people back into your home, we sat down with our Danetti Dining and Home Office Expert, Johanna Rieser to get her exclusive insight on this season’s new collection.

What makes this seasonal collection different?

Carrying on the true Danetti contemporary design this season, we are still offering our customers what they love and want to see. Our new designs are sophisticated and something you would be proud to show off to your family and friends as you welcome them back into your home. We’ve added luxurious touches to all our designs making your dining set up a focal point in the room, and your working from home area a productive office space.   

What’s the most important thing you think about when you’re developing new items for the dining and home office collections?

The most important consideration for us when we’re designing our new ranges is ‘what do our customers want?’. The team at Danetti do a lot of research, taking inspiration from trend forecasts, analysing our current range and best sellers. We consider a wide variety of inspiration and influences which we bring together to  build the look and feel for the new seasons collection.

What big trends are we seeing come through for dining and home office this season?

This season is all about ‘Stay at home luxe’. We’ve brought in metallic accents, luxury materials, marble ceramics and plush seating as key fabrics and finishes for our new collection within dining and home office.

Why do you think it’s important for people to invest in their dining room and home office?

This past year has made us realise what is important in life. I think for a lot of people, being with your family and friends is top of the list. Investing in good quality pieces, comfortable seating and extending tables where you can convert your family dining space into a larger space to host a dinner party with friends. Making your dining area the heart of your home for the social season; a space that you are proud to host social occasions in.

For home office, we want to ensure our workspace is an area that is comfortable and a place that enhances productivity. Desks that have storage so you can declutter the area when not in use. Making sure your office chair has either a swivel mechanism or wheelbase for free movement.

What are your favourite pieces in the new collection and why?

I really love the Carlson which is a white marble ceramic and brass dining table. It ticks all the boxes of a bestselling dining table for Danetti. It’s a durable family friendly table with a white marble ceramic top and when the chairs are tucked under, you can slightly see the brass detailing which gives it a luxurious feel.  

The other new range I really love is the Lottie Dining Chairs and Bar Stools which has a classic keyhole detail. When we design, we always make sure to think back to what matches within our current and new ranges, as well as designing ranges within families so that you have a nice flow through your living space with matching dining chairs and barstools.

Out of our most popular designs, which piece do you like the most and why do you think people love it?

My favourite hero piece is the Serena. It’s a sleek and simple design with a lovely textured detail on the back which gives it a luxurious and elegant feel  

Part of the Serena family; we have a matching dining chair, barstool, bench and swivel office chair which gives you the option to buy some products together so when styled in your home, you have a nice flow of matching products which gives your space a luxurious feel.


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