Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are a statement of any living room; from wood coffee...

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Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are a statement of any living room; from wood coffee tables to glass coffee tables, we have a great range of stylish coffee tables to choose from, some of which have the added benefit of hidden storage within so that newspapers, magazines and ad hoc clutter can be easily tidied away. Choose from a wide range of white gloss, solid oak, glass, white oak and rich dark wood coffee tables to complement your living space.When buying a coffee table, think about it carefully. What will you use it for? What do you need the table to do for you visually? Does it need to be mobile? Maybe you have a sofa bed so it needs to moved around the room? Here at Danetti we have thought of everything. We have coffee tables with storage to help you clear the clutter, and we have made them in a variety of different finishes so that you can choose one that works with your interior scheme so that it not only looks great but is practical too!

Good to know: A Coffee table is an essential piece of living room furniture, it’s no longer just a place to perch your coffee mug. It’s a place to display your trophy books and glossy magazines, or perhaps its a makeshift desk for homework. Coffee tables have become such a design staple - it is so much more than just another piece of the furniture! It's somewhere to set up your laptop, play board games, put up your feet, or, maybe after a long day, it could work as an impromptu dining table! If you are used to having a coffee table, you will find it almost impossible to function without one.

Our Stylist Tip: Measure the height of the sofa and chairs around the table. Your table should be the same height - around 45 cms tall. If you do need storage, consider a table with a shelf underneath or drawers for stashing books, remotes, wii, magazines etc. Consider the material you choose...does your room need texture?

Did you know: The coffee table originates from the tea table which was in use throughout Europe from around 17th century. These tables were tall round tables that stood beside a chair or seating area and were used to place a tea service on, so that tea could be served to family and guests. During the 18th and 19th century the tea table evolved into a tea trolley, which was rectangular in shape. The president of the Imperial Furniture Company, J Stuart Foote claims to have invented the coffee table as we know it in 1920. Basically he cut down the legs of a table and when he saw what he was left with, decided it would work well in front of a sofa and provided a perfect place to set down his coffee! From it’s early beginnings the coffee table has evolved throughout the decades, the typical glass top and chrome plated coffee table designed in the 1950’s is still a popular design as are the more organic shaped tables made from plastic, metal and glass in the 60’s.


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