Lighting Trends: 4 Things You Need To Know About Our New Collection

Lighting Trends: 4 Things You Need To Know About Our New Collection

New to Danetti and inspired by our five-star rated furniture ranges, we’ve curated our very own exclusive collection of lighting that’s perfect for enhancing any room in your home. We sat down with Danetti Buyer, Julie, to discover more about this unique collection.  

Tell us what makes Danetti’s new lighting collection different?

Julie explains: “This is our first, own-brand, exclusive Danetti range of lighting. We’ve really taken the inspiration from our favourite furniture ranges, so it’s the essence of Danetti. The main trends coming through for lighting this season are sophistication and elegance, but captured in a contemporary way. So, there’s lot of dynamic lighting designs that use a range of colours, interesting textures and finishes such as chevron surfaced glass, frosted finishes, velvets and brushed brass metal. There’s also a marble-look glass coming through which is hand-blown, so each light will be unique. I think all those details really lend to those trends of sophistication and glamour, but with a modern twist.”

Tell us more about why you’ve used product ranges as inspiration for the lighting collection?

Julie says: “The benefit of our lighting collection being inspired by those much-loved ranges makes the lighting quite unique. I think there are some special pieces coming through, we’ve created styles that aren’t quite like anything else out there. Those key details and textures help push the lighting range to really be quite creative and innovative.”

What’s your favourite new design coming through in the light collection?

Julie says: “I think the Riley range is my favourite; we have four pieces in that range including a floor light, a cluster pendant, a horizontal larger pendant and then a single pendant. It has a glass and marble look to it with lovely milky and grey tones. It would pair beautifully with some of Danetti’s new furniture ranges in our living collection.

“My other favourite piece coming through is the Leo Table Light. It's quite impressive as it’s tall and grand. We designed this with a velvet shade and glass stand which has chevron detail on it. It was designed as dual light function, so inside the base of the lamp is lit as well as the standard fixture, creating an additional warmth.”

Which design has taken the longest to create this season?

Julie says: “I think again it would be the Leo range. When we first started exploring concepts for this range, we felt like it wasn't as refined as we wanted it to be, and we needed to add some key Danetti detail such as pattern and consideration for scale. We wanted it to be a standout piece as with the entire collection, different from everything else on the market.

“We went back to the drawing board and took another look at the shape. We re-created a mould with our team of specialists and just really considered every step of the process and every element of the light. It took a bit of time to get right, but we are glad we went through that process because the finished product is luxurious with it's use of colour, texture and proportions in the home.”

Just launched: discover our new lighting collection here.


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