Living Room Trends: The Close Up On Our New Collection

Living Room Trends: The Close Up On Our New Collection

Considered forms, sculptured designs and textural detailing are the focus for this new living room collection with a nod to all things natural in our colour palettes and finishes, so that your space feels modern, fresh and inviting. Our Living Expert, Julie, shares her exclusive insight into our new collection: ‘Timeless Textures’.

What makes this new seasonal collection different? 

We’ve played with a richer palette of colours and textures this season; we’re bringing through pieces that will create a much lighter feeling at home and an airier environment which will help to create that sanctuary feeling of resting and recharging in comfort.

Another focus we’ve gone after is versatility in the product, so Danetti is continuing to build on where we see customers using products in different ways. Items that can be used in multiple situations and set-ups such as TV units that could work as a coffee table, consoles or sideboards that double as workspace. The versatility of these designs adds to the longevity of the product and means it can be adapted with ease in your home.

What big trends are we seeing come through for living for Spring/Summer 2022?

The biggest trend coming through this season are those lighter woods in oak and ash; it’s that whole ‘new natural’ vibe. People are moving away from the grey tones and playing with neutral palettes that bring a bit more warmth but keep your space feeling fresh. We're seeing these finishes paired with other textures such as ceramics and glass which creates a real modern look.

What are your favourite pieces in the new seasonal collection and why? 

We’ve expanded the Thea Coffee Table and Pouffe Set to include some new colours; this is another one of my favourites. It’s a popular design and it’s such a versatile and modern piece that it makes sense to broaden our palette offering and bring through options in champagne and rust velvet etc., building on our customer favourites.  

How would you sum up this new seasonal collection?

This season is all about considered forms, nodding to those more natural textures with woods and bringing through fresh designs with more interesting sculptural and structural details.


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