Bedroom Trends: The Close Up On Our New Collection

Bedroom Trends: The Close Up On Our New Collection

From a cool and calming neutral fabric finish to a gorgeous sage green velvet, our new bedroom collection is all about tones and textures that will help soften your room and turn it into a sleep sanctuary. Our Bedroom Buyer, Kelly, shares her exclusive insight into this season’s new collection: ‘Timeless Textures’.

What makes this new seasonal collection different? 

This season is all about tone and texture so we really wanted to highlight a lot more of the features and details you would find on a bed. At Danetti, we’re introducing a range of new fabrics this season and bringing in some different leg finishes to reflect the trend of those lighter palettes and textures that are coming through. We’re also making some of our bed legs taller as an added point of interest; not only does this contribute to the overall look of the frame, it plays a part in the comfort of getting in and out of bed every day.

What big trends are we seeing come through for bedroom for Spring/Summer 2022?

Materials and earthy shades are going to be bigger than ever before this season and so as well as new finishes, we’re bringing a few different colours in to our velvet palette, including a sage green colour which is the tone of the season; it’s calming and relaxing and nods to earth qualities. 

What are your favourite pieces in the new seasonal collection and why? 

My favourite piece is the Monica Fabric and Light Oak Bed - it's a really different look to anything Danetti has done before with wood, so I think it’s a real stand-out piece for the new collection and embodies that airy-summer vibe. It would be perfect for creating a light, natural bedroom look. I also really like the Quentin Range which is a real contrast to the Monica. It has a rich dark wood finish on the drawers with the high contrast of a white ceramic top, so will be a real statement piece for the bedroom. It would work perfectly when paired with the Grove Velvet Bed with its tall cushioned headboard.  

How would you sum up this new seasonal collection?

A bed is an important piece of furniture that you’ll be spending a lot of time in, so you want it to look stylish and feel comfortable. With this Danetti collection, although customer’s will be picking fresh new pieces for their room, they’re beds that will remain classic. We’ve created pieces that will last in a bedroom for a long time, despite the ever-changing trends. This will allow customers to create a real sanctuary within their space, but still showcase that wow-factor when it comes to styling.

No matter the piece, our collection is sure to add style to your indoor or outdoor space. Explore some of our favourite new finishes and discover why you'll love them for your home by visiting our new collection page.

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