Sofas for every occasion - stylish and modern, our elegant real leather...

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Sofas for every occasion - stylish and modern, our elegant real leather sofas are covered in soft, buttery leather and deep, comfortable padding. Our plush velvet sofas are the perfect place to kick back after a hard day's work. Whether you opt for a grey velvet sofa or a dark blue sofa, our wide range of options are the ultimate in comfort, design and finish and will create a contemporary feel in your room for you to enjoy day after day.

Good to know: A sofa is a major purchase and as such should be chosen with care. When you are deciding on your sofa, style and finish is probably the first consideration you need to think about and at Danetti we would always say that you should buy the best you can afford. Our fabulous sofas are very luxurious and are built with style and comfort in mind, all the features have been carefully thought out to make sure that we are delivering the ultimate in comfort and design.

Stylists tip: A sofa needs to be comfortable and should be bought as an investment with longevity in mind. It is far better to invest time in looking for the right one and money in purchasing a sofa that will last you for years to come. Always buy the best you can afford and investigate how it's made and read reviews from other people too, remember this is a major purchase and should be adaptable to your future colour schemes etc.

Did you know: We have been lounging for many years! It’s a natural instinct to rest and relax at some point in the day, we have many names for our ‘sofa’ and here are a few of them and how they came about! The word ‘sofa’ comes from the Arabic word ‘soffa’ which was the word to describe a raised part of the floor that was covered with carpets and pillows for seating. ‘Couch’ came from the French word ‘coucher’ which means to ‘lay in place’ which is a nod to the fact that the sofa is sometimes used as a place for napping not just sitting. Finally, the word ‘settee’ is a rather old fashioned word for a sofa and is a jocular form of the word ‘settle’ which as a noun used to mean ‘a place to sit’!

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