Summer Home Styling Tips: 5x Ways To Transform Your Home This Season

Summer Home Styling Tips: 5x Ways To Transform Your Home This Season

From adding personality to your garden, to turning your bedroom into an airy sleep sanctuary this summer - we sat down with Danetti Stylist, Emily, to explore the latest trends and discover how you can curate a home look that’ll see you through the season but keep you cool and comfortable this summer.

How can I keep my bedroom feeling light and airy for summer?

Just like your wardrobe, there’s no harm in refreshing your sleep sanctuary; keep things looking fresh by changing up the colour and textures in your space. Stylist, Emily explains: “Lighter window dressings are a nice way of freshening up the space, and lighter linens and changing the bedspread can keep the space feeling airy too - switching to more muslins and lighter fabrics rather than velvet quilted throws. If you want to add in some colour, you can change the palette in your soft furnishing by bringing in softer tones. The use of greenery can keep the space feeling seasonally appropriate too.”

How do I create a hygge aesthetic this summer?

Stick to grounding hues that will help to create a sense of calm and relaxation; this means shades of light grey, champagne, brown and creams. These colours contribute to that feeling of ‘harmony’ and will help you to curate a space that’s all about connecting in comfort.

Emily says: “This is quite a Scandi-driven trend and it’s the idea of everything feeling homely and creating a relaxed environment that feels really welcoming, wherever you are in your home. It’s something you could even do in your garden just by bringing in cushions, rugs, candles, and lanterns – even little fairy lights. Anything you can do so that the mood feels relaxed. This style would also make your bedroom feely light and airy, and sanctuary-like.”

I want to make my garden work for summer outdoor living, how can you add more personality to the space?

Stylist, Emily explains: “At Danetti, we have quite a few outdoor rugs in our collections with new designs and prints, and these complement our furniture well. You can also play with textures by adding cushions and throws. Parasols are also great, and you can find them in various patterns. If you’re a print lover or you like playing with colour, you can bring that through in your garden accessories.”

What’s an outdoor kitchen and how can I create one?

Emily says: “When it comes to gardens, this has become another sitting room and people are turning their terraces into the living space for the summer. It pairs perfectly with the idea of that new extension of ‘the outdoor kitchen’.” Creating an outdoor kitchen is the perfect way of entertaining in style within the comfort and intimate setting of your own garden. It should be a practical and relaxed space that allows you to host barbecues for family and friends with ease, and our Palm range can help you with just that.

Our Palm range features modular elements that can be paired with one another to create an extension of your inside space. Show your guests how you prepare your signature summer dishes, or just enjoy socialising that bit more by bringing your preparation space outside.

The Palm Outdoor Bar allows you to keep chilled drinks close to hand with its built-in ice bucket whilst the Palm Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet has storage space for hiding away those less glamorous looking essentials such as your gas canister or coal.

The Palm Outdoor Kitchen also includes a handy sink tap and food preparation canisters, so has everything you need for outdoor dining.

How do I decorate my garden for a party?

Have fun with your decorations and remember, it’s all about connecting in comfort. Think fairy lights and candles for creating a warm ambience as the day turns to night. You can also accessorise your garden furniture with scatter cushions and throws to soften the space and create a relaxing and lounge vibe. The Romero Fire Pit is also perfect for creating an atmosphere and getting cosy as the sun sets on those cooler summer evenings. The centre piece is also super practical as it has plenty of space for drinks and nibbles when not in use. We’ve also expanded this range to include a fire pit dining table which is ideal for brining the wow-factor to your eating set up.

Make the most of every second of sunshine with our exclusive garden collection – perfect for bringing a modern and contemporary look to your outdoor space. With flexible seating options for dining, relaxing or hosting a summer soiree, our extensive range of outdoor furniture works for all sizes and styles of garden space.


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