Sideboards are great for increasing storage space in your home. We have...

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Sideboards are great for increasing storage space in your home. We have a variety of finish options ranging from frosted glass to walnut and gloss. Choose white, grey, or wooden brown colours to match your décor. If you’re looking to buy a modern-looking sideboard to fit your home, our selection will add lots of character and storage to any ordinary room. Take a look at our selection to see which sideboard option might work best for you. We have more compact sideboards with drawers stacked together in a rectangle, but we also have options that cover a little more surface area with drawers that stretch out. All of our products have plenty of space to stash dishes and linens and are so sleek that you can easily match any accessory with them. Pick out one of these low-standing storage pieces for your home. All of our pieces stand on short legs, with three to six drawers in a variety of styles and colours. Find a piece of furniture that works best for your space, whether you’d like something glass or wooden.

A sideboard will look great in your home, but we pride ourselves on the functionality of our designs too. These practical storage spaces will fit against the wall of any room without taking up too much space, making them perfect to store extra dishes, linen, and glasses.

You may also use your sideboard to set down food when you’re serving or to place accessories. We offer options that are sturdy with their metal legs so that you don’t have to worry about what you place on top.

Our designs are a modern take on a more traditional style of hunt board. These units tended to be taller than sideboards and were meant to be used for people to stand around and eat from after finishing a hunt.

We’ve modernized not only the hunt board but the sideboard too. Regardless of which sideboard you choose, remember that your product should always be slightly higher than your dining room table, clocking in at 91cm.

You’ll want to ensure that it fits well in your space with all the storage that you need. Our options are made specifically with this height, style, and functionality in mind.

We didn’t add the cupboards, compartments, and drawers that have become part of the normal sideboard design, but we have modernized the design itself with a sleek glass look, different drawer shapes, and your choice of white, grey, or wooden colouring. Our boards range from five to seven feet in length and can be chosen specifically to fit space and style of your kitchen.

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