Bedroom Trends: 5x Things You Need To Know About Our New Collection

Bedroom Trends: 5x Things You Need To Know About Our New Collection

From soft wood finishes and sumptuous fabrics, to why you should turn your bedroom into a sanctuary, we caught up with our Danetti bedroom expert, Kelly Harvey, to get the inside scoop on our new seasonal collection.

What’s the most important thing you think about when you’re developing new items for the bedroom collection?

The key factors for me to consider when I’m developing out a collection is practicality and longevity. I think about what’s on trend, but also what someone will want to have in their bedroom for a long period of time. Even though it’s important to go with the trends, I always think: ‘would this be a piece of bedroom furniture that lasts the test of time?’. It’s important to consider what will still look good in a few years’ time if someone doesn’t want to update it so quickly. You invest when you shop for your bedroom, so you don’t see such a high turnover of people changing style. I also like to think about designs that can be styled up or down.

What big trends are we seeing come through for bedroom this season?

A lot of it is about colour and texture this season. Fabrics have been a massive trend coming back in, and that's across the market. We're seeing much more fabric and a sort of move a little bit away from the velvet side of things. It’s more about cosy comfort fabrics. Velvet is still very much a big trend and can be styled to look simple and chic, or dramatic and luxe, but there's always a need for a nice fabric bed that still has personality to it but isn’t too much of a statement.

With our bedroom furniture collection, we’ve played around with ideas and are bringing through items we know our customers will love like the Benton and the Odele. We’ve also seen more lighter wood coming through alongside the dark wood trend. These light woods are coming through but not in so much of a Scandi way as you may expect. It’s coming through with fluting, whereas you would always see that previously with a painted finish or a dark finish. There’s also woods mixed with ceramics and mixtures of materials. There’s real opportunity to play around with different finishes.

Why is it so important for people to invest in their bedroom?

It’s a sanctuary at the end of the day. I think it can be one of those rooms that you ignore because you go to bed, then you wake up and leave your bedroom to go to the kitchen etc. Recently, people have been ‘living’ a bit more in their bedroom, whether it's because they've had to work from it, or they want to get away from the hecticness of their living room. It’s about making it a bit more of a retreat, and it’s just as important as your living space.

If space is tight and you're needing your bedroom to function as more than just a sleep sanctuary, we still wanted to make sure the furniture pieces kept it feeling like a retreat and a calming space once the laptop is shut. People were having to put a desk in their bedroom at one stage and so that’s why we’ve introduced dual function designs like console tables and dressing tables that could be easily used as a space to work during the day.

What’s your favourite piece from the new bedroom collection?

That’s a hard one because I think sometimes, it’s the products you underestimate that become much loved – a bit like the Lenora Bed. I really loved the design and when we were reviewing options to include in the new range, I had to push for that one to come through initially, because it was fabric. It wasn't actually that spectacular in terms of its design, but again, it's one of those things where it's such a classic look and it's so timeless, and I think that's why it's been so well received.

It went a little bit under the radar, and it wasn't projected to be a ‘best bed’ for that season. It has just proven from the reaction we've had, that getting those few combinations right in the fabric and the colour will propel it to where it is now, a bed that our customers are absolutely loving.

We’re bringing through the Lenora in a new green-grey mix; it has nice green undertone to it, but it's slightly greyed off. It has that softness without being too green so it’s quite classic. I'm really excited to see how our customers feel about the bed, and then we've got a new silhouette coming in, which is called the Aida Bed, which has a wing element to it and a bit of a footboard. We’ve never had anything come through the range with the footboard to it, and again, it's a bit more of a classic look in a fabric finish, and it has a side lift function so it's quite different to rest of the range.

Out of our most popular designs, which piece do you like the most and why do you think people love it?

I think the Amalfi is a real customer favourite because it can easily go in any bedroom, in any sort of style house, and it just has that classic look. It’s been so loved in the velvet that we felt it was time to bring it through in a fabric too, and again it can be dressed up or dressed down and look good no matter how you style it. You could go for a real statement or pair it down and go for more neutral shades. It’s so versatile.


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