How to Declutter Your Bedroom and Get A Great Nights Sleep.
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When it comes to getting a good nights sleep, we're all guilting of not paying enough attention to the little things that make a huge difference.

Turin Storage Bed in Shadow Grey Velvet

In this blog, we're going to teach two things. The first will be how to declutter your bedroom and create a calming, serene environment. The second will be our top 10 tips, tried and tested, to getting a great nights sleep, ensuring you wake up refreshed and energised to be productive and live life to the fullest.

Decluttering Your Bedroom


The first thing to do when it comes to clearing out your bedroom is to look at the furniture you have in your space. If your room is a riot of mismatched furniture filling every available corner, it's going to look, and feel, cluttered.

Mellow Velvet Bed in Teal

Before we get into the detail of the general "clutter" we have in our bedrooms, we need to make the space as simple, clean-lined and efficient as possible. That bench at the end of your bed may look great, but if it's not serving a purpose it's taking up space and feeling messy.

In your bedroom, regardless of size, all you need is the following:

  • Comfy Bed
  • Bedside Tables
  • Dresser
  • Wardrobe
  • Lighting

If you have the space, you may want to introduce a statement chair or a dressing table, but the less we have in our bedrooms the better.

Carina Bed in Ocean Velvet

It's key to keep your furniture unfussy and neutral. Although that pink painted dresser with gold inlay looks amazing, it's not going to do your head much good when you're trying to relax. Instead, stick to soft neutrals and natural textures. If you want to introduce a splash of colour, save this for your bed or bedding, and keep the rest simple.

Storage Furniture

As we tend to have a lot of stuff in our bedrooms, be sure to look for clever storage solutions in your furniture. Think about bedside tables with drawers, Fitted wardrobes or a bed with hidden storage.

Mellow Velvet Bed in Pepper Grey

We're going to focus on beds, as there is a wide array of different options you can choose which have maximum storage to suit any look you're after.

Under-bed Storage

If you prefer a lighter look, choose a bed with enough clearance under to fit handy under-bed storage boxes. Just be sure to choose good quality storage boxes, as these will be seen.

Paolo Bed in Feather Grey Velvet

Clear boxes seem like a great idea but you will be showing off the clutter. Instead, opt for a solid colour box or white drawer on wheels to keep your room looking simple and de-cluttered.

Our Hector Bed is a great option if you want to stick to a streamlined look but be able to store things under your bed. If you want to keep your space open you can explore other storage solutions, otherwise this bed is a great option for minimal storage.

Hector Bed in Ash Grey

The Mellow Bed is also great for under-bed storage, but makes a little more of a statement with its plush velvet curved headboard.

Bed with Drawers

If you want a bit more depth and easy access storage, think about a divan bed with drawers. Our Myla bed is fully velvet, so not only looks great, but also means you can quickly and easily access anything tucked away in the handy drawers.

Myla Storage Bed in Feather Grey velvet

Historically a divan bed means you need a slightly dated and tricky to use valance. The beauty of our Myla bed, and all of our beds, is that the base is wrapped in the same plush velvet, creating a really chic and simple look.

nce. The beauty of our Myla bed, and all of our beds, is that the base is wrapped in the same plush velvet, creating a really chic and simple look.

Myla Storage Bed in Pewter Velvet

Built-in drawers are great for storing clothes, shoes or extra bedding as you can quickly and easily get whatever you need without crawling under the bed. whats more- your bits will be protected from dust keeping them clean and fresh.

Storage Bed

Finally, most popular in our bed range is the storage bed. You maximise your storage space by having almsot the enture size of your matress as extra storage space.

Amalfi Storage Bed in Peacock Velvet

Again, this type or storage is ideal for extra bedding and towels if your home doesn't have an airing cupboard, or to keep your summer wardrobe clean and fresh during those long winter months.

Manolo Storage bed in Pewter Velvet

The Amalfi, Manolo and Turin beds are ideal options for maximum storage. Simple lift the slatted base to access your bits and bobs.

Turin Storage Bed in Feather Grey Velvet

Our storage beds have been carefully and thoughtfully constructed using high quality hydraulic pistons, allowing for a smooth and sturdy opening. This means you can easily lift your bed up without taking the full weight, and that your bed will stay up without you having to hold it up.

Bedroom Decluttering

Now you have your furniture and storage sorted, lets look at what we can clear out from our bedrooms.

Rene Bed in Midnight Velvet

What do you use your room for? I'd imagine it's for sleeping, relaxing and getting dressed. The only things we should keep in our rooms are:

  • Clothes- neatly tidied away in our wardrobe and drawers.
  • Beauty products- should be displayed nicely on a bedside surface or managed in drawers for easy access but minimal clutter. Only keep the essentials in your bedroom.
  • Books- keep a few of your recently reads close by. Don't keep your entire book collection in your bedroom- it will only collect dust and make your room feel messy.
  • Clocks and lamps- should be small and well coordinated to the rest of your decor.

Top Tip: Keep your bedside tables clear by choosing pendant lamps. This will free up your surface, making it feel less cluttered.

  • Photos- keep a couple of your favourite pictures of your loved ones nearby.

That should be all you need in your bedroom. Anything else, either clear it out or think logically and store in a more suitable room, like the kitchen, living room or study.

What To Look For When Buying a Bed

A high quality, comfy bed is a must for getting a good nights sleep. There are a few key features to look out for which will result in a comfortable bed, and therefore a great nights sleep.

Pedro Storage Bed in Ash Grey Fabric

All of our bed frames have sprung slats that have been designed to increase the overall comfort of the bed. This is because your bed frame is effectively helping your mattress be in the best, most supportive position. Sprung slats are a really premium and considered feature that will help you get the most out of your bed and mattress.

You also want to make sure you have a really high quality, comfortable mattress. A pocket sprung mattress offers optimal comfort and stability, and usually comes in a variety of different firmness's.

Mellow Bed in Teal Velvet

Where possible you should try to test a mattress before you buy, but if you're buying online, check the returns policy carefully!

For extra comfort or to update an older mattress, look at investing in a mattress topper. These are available in many different materials, from memory foam to feather. Whatever you choose you'll be adding an extra layer of comfort and support to your bed.

How To Get a Good Nights Sleep

A high quality bed, comfy mattress and clear and decluttered bedroom will do wonders for your sleep quality, however if we don't take note of our behaviours throughout the day, all that hard work can be easily undone.

Mellow Bed in Ochre Velvet

Modern technology makes switching off very hard, with emails pinging up all evening, instagram and TV shows keeping us "entertained", our brains have little chance to wind down at the end of the day.

To ensure a great nights sleep, try these 8 simple tips:

  1. Go to bed and get up the same time each day. That includes the weekend. If we get into a routine, our body clock will kick into gear and know when rest is coming. This, in turn, makes waking up much easier and leading to a more productive day.
  2. Reduce screen time. We may think scrolling through Insta is a calming thing to do, but its the complete opposite. The images we're viewing are very visually impactful, and the blue light emitted from our phones is scientifically proven to stop us from switching off and sleeping better. Avoid using your phone 2 hours before bed, and try reading a book in a softly lit room instead.
  3. Practice sleep hygiene. Experts say our bed should be used for sleeping and sex only. So if you're partial to watching TV in bed or reading a book, try going without for a few weeks and see how you feel. Remove the TV from your bedroom to remove temptation and give it a go.
  4. Watch what you eat. Cutting back on caffeine and sugars before bed it a well-known method for a better nights sleep, however we really shouldn't eat anything at least 2 hours before we go to bed. We need to give our digestive systems a chance to work before our body goes into rest mode.
  5. Wind down and try to reduce stress. By turning off our phones and avoiding highly stimulating activities such as watching tv will help relax the mind. If you struggle with stress and anxiety, try meditating or again, reading in the hours before bed. A hot bath and soothing music will also help relax you.
  6. Fill your home with aromatherapy. The smell of lavender is proved to instantly make you feel calmer, so look to invest in a good room diffuser, or a nice pillow spray to help wind down.
  7. Keep your bedroom cool. We all know our bodies need to cool before we sleep, so keep your bedroom a little bit cooler than the rest of your house. Not only will you sleep better, but it will make getting into bed that little bit cosier.
  8. Practice Mindfulness. If like me, you find it really hard to switch off, practice mindfulness before bed. This could be a wide array of things, but if your laying in bed struggling to drop off due to a whirring mind, try to refocus your attention. Focus on what you can hear, be it people outside of a ticking clock. I think focusing on the clock ticking in my room helps calm me. As I count the ticks of the second hand I soon drift off with ease.

Amalfi Storage Bed in Feather Grey Velvet

We've also asked some of you what helps you drift off at night. Although everyone is different, it's worth giving these a try also;

  • Get in some exercise during the day. You'll naturally tire yourself out helping to fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • Try meditation apps such as Headspace or Insight Timer. These guided meditation apps will help you refocus your attention and forget the worries of the day.
  • Listening to a podcast can help with stress levels throughout the day anyway, but listening to one at night will again help calm your mind and focus on something else.

There you have it. By decluttering your room and practising some self care in the evenings, we should all be sleeping much better and waking up brighter, more refreshed and kinder, ready to face the day ahead.

We would love to know how you guys declutter your rooms and your sleep tips, so leave us a comment below. Don't forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram and tag us in your pictures using #mydanetti.

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Bedroom Styling Tips with our Interior Stylist
November 16, 2018 at 10:25 am 0
We've all seen how to style a sideboard, coffee tables and shelves. But when it comes to bedroom styling, it's not enough just to get the furniture right. Styling your bedroom correctly will transform it from a place just to sleep, to where you want to spend your time. It's these simple, homely touches that will finish off your bedroom and add plenty of personality.   Bedroom styling: Rene bed in midnight blue velvet

Rene Velvet Bed in Midnight

  We've recently added a collection of beds to the Danetti family. So what better way to show you two different looks than with our new range of velvet beds! Available in Double, King and Superking, you're bound to find the bed of your dreams.    

Bedroom Styling Essentials

Before we get into interior bedroom trends, you need to know your styling basics. No bedroom is complete with the following:
  • Decent Mattress
  • High-Quality Duvet and Pillows
  • Statement Bed (from Danetti)
  • Lighting
  • Soft furnishings
It may seem obvious, but without one of these elements, your room can feel stark, cold and very uninviting. Regardless of your personal interior style, these are the five must-haves when it comes to how to style a bed and bedroom.  

Moody Bedroom Styling

A key trend for interiors right now is dark, moody and rich colours. By using a dark colour in the bedroom, you will create the illusion of more space. All the while creating a cosy, snug room you can't wait to be in. Although the thought of painting your bedroom black can be scary, that doesn't mean your room will feel gothic and dark.   Rene bed in midnight blue velvet

Rene Velvet Bed in Midnight


Top Tip: Offset dark walls with white bedding and light textures. Choosing lighter elements will lift the room and make your chosen colour really stand out.

  The Rene Bed in Midnight Velvet sits beautifully against our Black Blue wall, as the curves of the headboard pick up light and add depth and tone. If, for example, you had a dark blue fabric headboard against a nearly black wall, it could look flat and lacking in interest. The way the velvet picks up the light helps to show the shape of the bed, drawing your focus here, rather than the dark walls.   Rene bed in midnight blue velvet

Rene Velvet Bed in Midnight

  If black walls aren't for you, look at dark greys, berries, browns or blues to create the same look. Just be sure to complement the colour of your chosen bed. It's easier to paint your walls than buy a new bed!  

Bedroom Styling Tips

  When you come to simple bedroom decorating ideas and adding that personal touch, remember to follow these top styling rules:
  • Stick to a minimal colour palette. When you have a statement bed, you don't want your styling to overpower your headboard. Choose colours within the same shade to create a complementary look and create a serene setting.
  • You can't beat fresh white sheets. White sheets are a classic. When you want your bed to stand out, keep bedding simple. Add a couple of tonal cushions for an added element of colour- but simple is always best.
  • Clash your textures. Velvet beds are beautiful and look super luxe. However, if you're after a softer, more relaxed look, balance the smoothness of velvet with a chunky knit and cool metallics like brass and copper. These metallic finishes will lift the styling and add a layer of luxe.
  Rene bed in midnight blue velvet

Rene Velvet Bed in Midnight

  • Mimic shapes. Where the Rene bed has an Art Deco-inspired curved headboard, we've chosen the Pablo table lamps as our bedside lights. The spherical shade and arched marble base mimic the shape of the Rene bed, tying the look together. The marble texture also adds another modern art deco vibe.
  • Less is always more. Feel free to add pictures of your loved ones and the typical alarm clocks and beauty products to your bedside tables. Just remember to keep things clear. The more bits and bobs you have on display, the more cluttered your bedroom will feel. Invest in trendy boxes or side tables with drawers to hide all those unsightly necessities. Tidy room, tidy mind.

Bright and Breezy Bedroom Styling

Dark walls aren't for everyone. Dark rooms will feel cosy in the evenings, however, if you struggle to wake up in the mornings, think about a clean, bright white bedroom. This way you will keep light bouncing around your room, and introduce colour through your furniture, rather than walls.   Mellow velvet bed in ochre

Mellow Velvet Bed in Ochre

  Our second bedroom decor look differs from the Rene bed in almost every way, except for one thing; the statement velvet headboard. Available in Teal, Ochre or Pepper Grey Velvet, our Mellow bed is the most perfect way to inject a splash of colour into a white bedroom. Whether you're a fan of a clean, scandi style, or a more eclectic, vintage look, the Mellow bed suits any interior style.   Mellow velvet bed in ochre  

Top Tip: Pendant lights work great as bedside lamps. They will keep your side tables clear while creating a style statement.

  Mellow velvet bed in ochre

Mellow Velvet Bed in Ochre

  Choosing a bright colour for your bed is an effortless way to bring an interior designer look to your bedroom. Let the bed be the focus, and keep your soft furnishings subtle and tonal. The shape of the Mellow bed with its smooth, sweeping velvet headboard lends itself perfectly to versatile, constantly changing interiors.   Mellow velvet bed in teal

Mellow Velvet Bed in Teal 


Colour Combinations

One of our favourite features of the Mellow bed is the rich colour palette. You can play with different colour combination with your soft furnishings to change things up as often as you like. As homewares tend to be more reasonably priced than a bed, you can afford to be a bit more adventurous with your colour combinations. Here are a few of our bedroom styling colour suggestions:  
  • Teal: Combine teal with cherry reds, navy blues and highlights of brass. The Navy will compliment the Teal, while the pop of red will be your accent colour. Mix and match textures and prints for a real eclectic look.
  • Ochre: Pair this soft mustard yellow with burnt orange, soft grey and graphic black and white textures. Ochre and orange complement each other while the grey will tone down the look. Monochrome textures will add a level of depth to your bedroom decor.
  • Pepper Grey: Possibly the most versatile colour of the Mellow bed is the Pepper Grey. The world is your oyster with this one, however, we would suggest adding a bit of colour to your bedroom decor. Play with forest greens and dusky pinks for an on-trend style with a hint of vintage glamour. Add elements of brass and marble for a true luxe look.
  Mellow velvet bed in teal

Mellow Velvet Bed in Teal


Bedroom Styling Tips

Styling a white bedroom gives you the freedom to choose any colour or accessory your inner stylist desires. These are some of our Stylist's top tips for decorating a simple bedroom:  
  • Play with proportions. When styling a king size bed, you need to be aware of proportions. Avoid an expanse of bed linen by breaking it up with throws and cushions.
  • Choose classic wall art. There are many online websites where you can buy cheap prints. These are great if you want to update your home regularly, however you cannot go wrong with a classic art print. Be it an Andy Warhol Tomato Soup print, or maybe a vintage poster you picked up from a flea market. These are the treasures with meaning behind them and are unlikely to date. Keep wall art to a minimum in the bedroom, and remember to stick to a classic.
  • Wooden floors need a rug. It's a big trend at the moment to pull up the carpets and show of your exposed floorboard (if you're lucky enough to have them). However, this can make your bedroom feel cold, so always ensure you have a rug in your bedroom. You can choose an area rug, to sit under and around the base of your bed, or a couple of runners either side, just to keep your toes toasty on cold mornings.
  Mellow velvet bed in pepper grey

Mellow Velvet Bed in Pepper Grey

  • Warm things up. As we get into the winter months, make your bedroom a snuggly, hygge space with chunky knits and sheepskin rugs. It's these soft elements which will create that cosy cocoon you won't want to leave.
  • Style your bedside tables simply. Don't over-do the bedside table decor. Choosing hanging pendant lights will keep your table top clear, although this doesn't mean you have more space for clutter! A simple stack of your fave books, a pretty vase and a relaxing candle should be more than enough.

Show us your style!

We hope you love our new range of beds, although, we've only shown you two! We have a whole range of newness for you to see right here. Tell us which bed you would choose and how you'd style it. Don't forget to tag us in your #mydanetti shots on Facebook and Instagram, and we hope you too will create a calm and relaxing bedroom.   Rene midnight blue velvet bed