White High Gloss Coffee Tables: The Perfect Centre Piece!

White High Gloss Coffee Tables are perfect for creating a centre piece in your Living Room. Without a doubt, one of our diverse range of modern White High Gloss Coffee Tables will create a contemporary statement piece and talking point in your home.

Designed with modern family living in mind, these White High Gloss Coffee Tables will give the effortless impression of elegance and space, reflecting light to create a brighter living space.

Here are some of our favourites – visit our website to see the full range.

White High Gloss Stak Coffee Table

Contemporary and unusual, the White High Gloss Stak Coffee Table is bound to be the signature piece in your living area.  Its funky layered design creates a piece of furniture that gives a different view from each side, and a piece of artwork for your lounge.  The glossy bright white surfaces reflect light in interesting ways and give plenty of space for your cups, magazines and ornaments.

The White High Gloss Stak Coffee Table is available in either a rectangular or square version and also comes in walnut or chocolate coloured wood.

White High Gloss Griffon Round Coffee Table

If you are looking for something unusual to make an impression in your living room then this high gloss round coffee table will fit the bill!

The Griffon Coffee Table is a uniquely styled modern round white high gloss coffee table, which is curvy and as smooth as a pebble with three dips on its surface to add extra interest.  You won’t be able to resist running your fingers along it!

White High Gloss Flicker Coffee Table

A White High Gloss Coffee Table with a beautiful simple design, the Flicker coffee table has a seamless curved shape to make it a real statement piece.  The bright white glossy finish complements many types of decor, making it a versatile yet modern and contemporary piece of furniture for your home or business.  Storage is provided underneath for magazines, books or even a goldfish bowl!  The Flicker White High Gloss Coffee Table also has a smaller matching Lamp Table in the range, to help create a totally cool look for your room.

The Milan Matt White Coffee Table

If, however, you fancy a modern white coffee table but would prefer a matt finish as an alternative, then look no further than the very trendy and retro Milan Matt White Coffee Table.

The Milan’s sleek, contemporary and clean lines show quality and simplicity of design which is practical as well as stylish. This matt lacquered rectangular retro coffee table has aluminium feet and is also available in natural oak.

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