Living Focus: Grey Gloss Dining Tables

Living Focus: Grey Gloss Dining Tables

We’ve launched a collection of Grey Gloss Dining Tables as a response to the strong interior trend. Not so much a passing trend, we are seeing the emergence of grey as a core neutral that is here to stay.


Fern with Eames breakfast set

The stylish Fern breakfast set


The Fern Grey Gloss Kitchen Table is the smallest of the Fern range that we have launched in this versatile tone. Also available in a 4 or 6 seater, we’ve added Dove Grey to one of our best selling lines. Grey Gloss has a similar element of warmth that you get from timber, a quality benefit that you don’t get with White Gloss. The particular tone of Grey Gloss that we have selected for the Fern is a truly versatile neutral, not to be mistaken with flat colourless monochrome.


I see the popularity of Grey as symptomatic of our understanding of layering within an interior scheme. Contemporary is no longer about stark white lines and cold simplicity. You can layer and blend Grey Gloss with other gloss finishes such as White Gloss or even a very rustic unfinished oak.


The emergence of grey dining tables especially is in part due to the fact that we are changing the way that we plan our living and dining spaces. Fewer people have separate dining rooms and there’s a definite move to more transitional spaces and open plan living. The dining area, as a space, is a mixture between the function of a kitchen and the interactive family living of a lounge space. The dining table is therefore often physically partway between the two areas. Grey Gloss is an ideal solution in the scenario; the reflective finish is crisp, sleek and coordinates with many contemporary kitchens whilst the colour is light enough to remain fresh, acting as a sleek contrast to other more tactile element in the room like upholstery and soft furnishings.


Grey could be cold but it’s all about the hue. Soft not stark, we have selected greys that compliment other colours and can be easily blended with other colours and tones.


New Tables To Our Range:

Grey fern with teal and yellow and grey etc

Fern Grey Gloss Dining Tables with mix and match Eames chairs


This is the lightest of our Greys, on one of our best selling tables. The essence and appeal of the design is that its perfect for fitting into many interiors so the colour had to mirror that. We selected a pale grey gloss with a hint of warmth allowing it to blend with both colour and neutrals. Natural oak floor would be a beautiful contrast to the soft colour.


This table is also available in a 4 and 6 seater.

Kitchen Table 800mm x 800mm: £119

4 Seater 1200mm x 800mm : £149

6 Seater 1600mm x 800mm: £199


Assi White and Grey Gloss Extending Dining Table

This table gives you the opportunity to dip in and out of the Grey Gloss movement! Already on trend with it’s mid-century inspired shape the main body of this table is white gloss with the grey gloss being used on the removable extension leaf only. The colour here is a cooler mid-tone grey used to pic up on the brushed stainless steel on the legs. Again, we’ve made sure that this isn’t a straight black and white mix. The colour has depth, making it ideal with white, strong black or bold colour. With the grey gloss on the extension leaf only you have the versatility of many looks on one.


Published Date: January 2015 

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