Go ladylike with the trend for afternoon tea

There’s been a genteel revolution going on in Britain in the past year or so.

We’ve thrown away our chunky mugs and started ‘taking tea’ from delicate china cups instead.

We’re not quite sure how it all began, but like most things, it’s suspected that Lady Gaga might have had a part to play. Gaga  was pictured drinking from a vintage china cup and saucer earlier this year and was bizarrely seen walking around with her cup and saucer with her wherever she went.

Now statistics from Debenhams are showing sales of china teacups and saucers up by 119%, and other afternoon tea accoutrement such as tea pots, plates and cake stands are flying off the shelves as well.

So the hip thing to do, it seems, is to invite the girls around to yours, and put on a fabulous tea party, complete with cake stands and real tea leaves. It’s a relatively cheap way to entertain – and much easier than a full dinner party too.

If you fancy getting ladylike, then we’ve picked out a few key pieces that you might like, including an oak coffee table available from Danetti. After all, afternoon tea should definitely be taken at a low table so everybody can chat casually while they sip.

Click through for a for a full range of coffee tables from Danetti.

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