A few ideas for refreshing your home on a budget

If you fancy giving your home a new look but don’t have the budget to get all new furniture, then there are a few simple ways you can refresh your rooms on a budget.

One of the most dramatic transformations can some from a few great storage purchases – perhaps a sideboard or a new TV cabinet.

It’s amazing what a difference this will make to your home as a whole – suddenly everything will have a place and there will be no more excuse for piles of paperwork and other miscellaneous items.

Even small storage items like our handy Somen storage stool-come-coffee table will help to make your home tidier.

Another sure-fire way to give your home a boost ready for the summer is to buy a few bright pieces of furniture. These don’t have to be major buys – just some dining chairs will be fine.

We have a huge range of bright dining chairs in plastic, metal or upholstered leather finishes, so you’ll be able to find something that suits the style of your home.

Pick up the colour of the new dining chairs with accent colours elsewhere in your home, perhaps hanging abstract prints that include the same shade, or  having a lamp in the same colour. This will give a really polished, designer look but without the designer price tag.

In your kitchen, if you haven’t got the budget for a whole new fitted kitchen then creating a breakfast area can work wonders.

You can buy a cafe-style table and a pair of bar stools to match relatively cheaply and they can really help to make your kitchen look more contemporary and make it a much more sociable and useful space.

Other quick-fix and low-budget makeover ideas include wallpapering one wall in a room to give a focal-point, investing in a statement light fitting and simply redesigning your furniture layout, moving items between rooms and sending items that are no longer needed to charity shops.

Let us know if any of these tips work for you!

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