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Welcome to Lifestyle, sponsored by Danetti.com. Have you ever wondered what the latest trends will be for decorating your home? What the manufacturers recommend for cleaning and protecting your leather stools? Well, wonder no more. Lifestyle will provide these answers and many more. Each post will be filled with information for creating and maintaining your perfect décor.

For example, did you you know that black painted walls are starting to make a come back? As well as blue and green highlights using coloured decorative products throughout the room. Two of these items are the blue Suck UK Glow Brick and the green Suck UK Glow Brick.

We’ll have helpful posts about the care and maintenance of your leather furniture as well as a guide to the different types of leather available, from mid-grain to bi-cast and every type in between.

Lifestyle will also photos of products that will coming into stock in the future. If you see a design you like, feel free to contact Danetti for more information. We may also post photos of products we like and would like your opinion of them. Would you buy them?

We look forward to any comments you may have about Lifestyle.

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