The top ten furniture trends for 2010

Here at Danetti we’re constantly keeping our eye on emerging furniture trends coming from the big European furniture shows and glossy interior design magazines.

We keep these in mind when buying our furniture, always making sure that we can offer you both cutting edge options and simple contemporary classics.

If you need a little inspiration, then these are the top furniture trends which we see coming through strongly during 2010.

1. Sectional and modular sofas

Once upon a time modular, configurable seating was the preserve of commercial premises. But this year it’s proving popular as a great flexible option for cost-conscious home-owners too. Modular sofas are great for people who like to move their furniture around a lot because these items can be easily reconfigured to give a new look. The other advantage of modular seating is that often it can be assembled on a curve or a tight angle, to make the most of your available space.

2. Bright sofas

While neutral sofas will always be popular, we’re seeing the growing popularity of zingy, brightly-coloured sofas, teamed with neutral cushions – a reverse of the old look. It’s certainly a modern look and can look really striking with plain white or even clashing colour walls.

3. Leather upholstery

Still as smart and classy a choice as ever, leather furniture is a purchase that just doesn’t disappoint and keeps its appeal even when it gets old. In particular we’re seeing a rise in the popularity of coloured leather on bar stools, dining chairs and sofas.

4. Grey as the key neutral

Most colour schemes need a neutral shade to tie them down, ground them a bit. This year it seems to be grey that’s the perfect antidote to the bright colours. Chose your shade to complement the tone of your colour scheme – from elephant grey to pewter, there’s one that will look great.

4. Suede or microsuede

In these harsh economic times, we all want a bit of luxury and comfort. That’s what you get from suede or the faux alternative, microsuede. It’s soft, comfortable and sophisticated at the same time. As with leather, bright colours will be dominant.

2. Winged chairs

… or armchairs to you and I. This year, this classic style is hotter than ever. We approve – winged chairs are comfortable and cozy and look elegant at the same time.

5. Media centers

Perhaps because television design is changing, the furniture we use to house our TVs and other media is changing too. The trend is for chic, modern furniture to tidy everything away.


6. Traditional furniture design

Maybe it’s the economy that’s causing this trend – we’re hankering after a little security and buying into traditional, classic design What’s happening is a reinterpretation of the past – traditional with a twist if you like – manufacturers are taking old styles and using modern fabrics and quirky features to bring them up to date.

7. The chaise

We’re seeing a new interpretation of the traditional chaise longue with clean lines and modern fabrics such as leather taking the place of more ornate, fabric-covered versions. They’re great for a home setting – every living room should have one, but they also work well in a commercial space, perhaps in a shop or hotel lounge.

8. Round ended tables

A move away from the hard edges of the traditional table, towards a curvier, more interesting table shape. Materials include glass, wood and laminated plywood.

9. Green fabrics

Maybe to reflect the trend towards eco furnishings, it seems that the colour green has become trendy too. From bold block colours to fun leaf patterns, there’s plenty to choose from.

10. Stools

Perhaps because we’re living more casual lives these days, with informal seating areas in kitchens and kitchen-diners becoming the norm, the popularity of bar stools is on the rise. Opt for quirky, brightly-coloured stools to make this a modern look.

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