The Suck UK Sun Jar

I got the Suck UK Sun Jar because I thought that it was a great ambient lighting device, which would add some light to a room during dusk.

I have had the Sun Jar in my house for a few months now and it is a great light, it doesn’t throw out enough light to read by or anything like that, but is it perfect for lighting the corner of the window that it sits in.

The jar is moulded glass with a solar panel on the top which is used to charge the battery. I have found that on a sunny day I can get a good three to four hours of light from the Sun Jar.

When it starts to get dark the Sun Jar will light up slowly and get brighter as the daylight gets darker.

This does look like its waterproof so you could get some of these to light up your garden, it would make good mood lighting for a BBQ.

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