Product focus: The Kool plastic chair

If you want a designer look for your home dining room, or for your restaurant or cafe, then we think the Kool chair is a stunning choice.

The seat is made from a translucent polycarbonate material – and if you choose the clear option, it’s completely transparent, which gives a great feeling of space and is very contemporary, as you’ll see from our picture of a chic modern cafe where the Kool is being used.

It comes in a fresh and funky range of colours: yellow, red, orange and clear – and we love the idea of mixing them up, perhaps going for a zingy orange and yellow colour scheme.

If you’re buying them for a commercial setting, then it’ll be very important to you that they can be stored away easily when not in use – these can be stacked up to eight chairs high!

They will keep looking good, as they’re made from a material that’s light, shock and UV ray resistant (so no fading of the colours if they’re left out in the sun.

The steel tube frame is available with a satinized or chrome finish.


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