Industrial Modern Designer Bar Stools

Industrial Modern Designer Bar Stools

Sturdy modern bar stools are the ideal seating for commercial use in places like restaurants, bars, hairdressers or even in members clubs. Choose the right sought of designer bar stool and you’ll be able to transform a tired looking space into something really quite special.

Retro Chic:

Furniture that is going to be used in a commercial or industrial environment has to posses different qualities to that which is used in the home. It must be stain resistant, durable, and of course comfortable but that doesn’t mean it should be lacking in style. Take the Ruiz bar stool for example, the base is made from long-lasting chrome and the round backless seat comes in either cream or red. It’s a cool take on a piece of classic retro design. Plus because the seat is made from sumptuous faux leather, it can be wiped down and cleaned in a matter of seconds.

Affordable But Attractive:

There are so many modern bar stools on the market that finding one that is in your price range and also exactly what you have had in your minds eye won’t be too hard. Whilst the stunning aesthetics of modern bar stools are sometimes reflected in the price, there are also many affordable but eye catching designs out there. The Grayson bar stool, sums this philosophy up perfectly with it’s stunning long legged metal frame and simple square regenerated leather seat. It’s design reflects the sleek and uber-modern interiors that have proved to be so popular over the last year or two. This kind of seat, over other kinds of modern bar stools, is ideal for placing in already minimalist spaces.

Stand Out Statement Pieces: 

If you want something trendy and original, then again you won’t be limited in choice. With new designers graduating every year there is a huge selection of individual looking stools available. A word of warning though, really think about how the stool you purchase is going to work in the space you plan to put it.

Don’t just think about what is on-trend and fashionable, your modern bar stools need to fit in and harmonise with the environment you already have. It is much like clothes; just because a certain style or cut is in fashion it doesn’t mean it will suit you. Don’t let this put you off though, unusual designs are what make a space unique and also what gives it it’s character. People often remember visiting a bar that has beautiful furniture because it stands out in their mind.

Stand out pieces like the Somen Bar Stools are incredibly innovative and also good looking. Almost like little magic toadstools, they are available in five bright colours and sit flat on the ground. At 450mm high and with a circumference of 400mm they create a casual atmosphere and can be easily placed by customers who want to sit with their friends! The best part though, is that they can be flipped over to create a table, so really they are two pieces of furniture in one; modern bar stools on one side and modern tables on the other.


Published Date: August 2008 

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