Danetti’s top 5 material trend picks for 2020

Danetti’s top 5 material trend picks for 2020

This years interiors are seeing an influx of new and old materials leading the look in our homes. A key theme worth noting is the move to a fresh and clean feeling interior with materials such as glass, ceramic and leather. In contrast to this people are also adding more colour, texture and vibrance to their homes with lashings of velvet, bold colours and warm metallics such as brass.

With this in mind here are our top 5 picks for material trends in 2020.


First up we have VELVET.

Velvet has made a big come back in interiors over the last 18 months and it isn’t going anywhere soon. Velvet can be a great addition in any part of your home and works great in dining, living and bedroom. It’s a great way to add a pop of colour in a dining chair, jewel tone sofa or even a statement headboard.

Amalfi Luxe Peacock Velvet

Our Amalfi luxe velvet ottoman bed is a real statement and the perfect way to work in a trendy yet timeless colour like our peacock blue.



Secondly we have BRASS. This warm coloured metal has taken off recently in interiors and we can see why. It is a great way to add a subtle yet exciting detail to your home and pairs perfectly with both bold coloured velvets and reflective surfaces such as ceramic or glass.


Eclipse White Marble and Brass Side Table

Both polished and brushed brass are a great accent and add a focal point to any room whether set against a velvet bed or sofa. Our Eclipse side table is great example with its polished brass surface and white glass top, it works great in both bedroom, living or any corner or your home that needs that ‘touch of brass’.



Third up we have marble & ceramic. Both materials present a nice clean surface with great properties. Ceramic is super durable which makes it an excellent surface in dining tables. Marble adds an element of texture and interest to a room and its polished surface makes it an easy clean surface in living rooms when used in side tables for which to perch your drink.


Mia 6 Seater White Ceramic Dining Table

New to our range we have the Mia dining table which is available in both light and dark ceramic, its super durable, affordable and pairs perfectly with our velvet dining benches to create an all round trend tailored look.



Fourth on the list is Leather, which we have seen making a comeback this year. It makes a perfect pariing with both ceramic and glass dining tables for a super clean, fresh feeling dining look which is why we think its made such a stir on Pinterest recently. Its also easy clean and hard wearing which makes it a great choice for heavily used seating such as dining benches or sofas.


Leather Cool Grey Leather Bar Stool

Our lambert barstools are a super affordable way to add leather into your kitchen and look great set against the trending darker coloured kitchens of this season!

are a super affordable way to add leather into your kitchen and look great set against the trending darker coloured kitchens of this season!



Our fifth and final trend material pick for 2020 is GLASS.

The reflective properties of glass make it a great way to add depth to your space and achieve a clean and minimal look. Set against darker colours in the room setting such as wall colour, velvet seating or even the glass itself in a smoked finish, provide a really visually impacting space whilst maintaining a modern and minimalistic look.


Fraser Dark Extending Dining Table

Our new Fraser table comes in both dark and white glass and provides a great setting for entertaining friends with its extendable dining table feature.

If you would like to work any of the material trends into your home but you’re not sure where to start, let us know and we will be more then happy to help you work the trends and perfect your interior style!


Published Date: May 2020 

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