Chrome Furniture versus Satin Furniture

When it comes to picking a piece of furniture, most people will only really consider the finish of the seat part. With a growing range of stool seating on the market, more and more alternative options are available for the stem/legs of the bar stool. The most popular of which are the chrome bar stools, with a shiny finish, and the satin or painted aluminium bar stools, which have a matt finish.

Shiny Chrome Seating

The most popular bar stool finish and most commonly available, allowing for a greater range of choice when it comes to choosing your seating. Well chromed seating, will be highly polished and reflective, and often provides a great contrast between the matt seat, whether you have a leather bar stool or wooden chair. Chrome is easy to keep clean, although it’s shiny surface can scratch with use, and over time these may show.

Matt Satin or Painted Aluminium Seating

Satin or painted aluminium finishes have started to become more popular recently. With a larger number of bar stools and chairs available with these matt finishes. The satin finish is generally created by powder-coating the base or legs in a colour such as grey or silver (other colours maybe available). The powder-coated finish is strong, and unlike the polished chrome bases will not show up scratches as much, although deep scratches may damage it.

There is often little difference in price between chrome and powder-coated satin.

Brushed Stainless Steel

This is a rarer finish and often only available on a very select range of products, due to it’s expensive price. The brushed finish is created by a fine abrasive action on the surface of the metal, this removes it’s shine and leaves a dull polish.

This is a perfect finish for seating in more high traffic areas such as restaurants and bars etc, as scratches and marks do not show up against the brushed texture.

Modern and contemporary furniture from Danetti

Danetti has a huge range of furniture ranging from chrome bar stools to satin finish dining tables.

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