A great coffee shop armchair

We were enjoying a cappuccino at a coffee shop recently and thinking about how lovely our Kino armchairs are, and how they’d look perfect in a coffee shop environment.

We thought we’d highlight this on our blog, as we know that lots of coffee shop owners and interiors designers look on the blog for inspiration.

We love the fact that the seat is slightly angled backwards, which allows you to sink deep into the chair and feel really cosy. The arms are curved – just the right amount to make them comfortable to lay your arms on them. The back is high and padded and the seat is so deeply padded, it’s one of the nicest places to sit that we’ve ever discovered (and we’ve sat on our fair share of seats).

The Kino comes in black, red, cream and brown, so you can find something that fits the vibe of your coffee shop.

And if you don’t have your own coffee shop, just buy a couple of these chairs for your home, and you’ll be happy to stay in for your cuppa and the Sunday papers from now on!

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