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New Section Added! Introducing Feng Shui

February 15, 2008 0

Feng ShuiWe are happy to announce a new section about Feng Shui.

Entitled ‘An Introduction to Feng Shui’, it describes the basic fundamentals of this tradition, such as the Chi energy, Ying and Yang and the 5 elements.

Feng Shui known as ‘wind and water’ has been a traditional part of Chinese culture for thousands of years. The ancient art stems from the belief of positive and negative energy reflected in the Yin and Yang flow of Chi. To create a harmonious and balanced atmosphere placement of furniture is key, it can even help the flow and movements of natural rhythms.

Click here to read more about Feng Shui and it’s principals

Again this is another section we will be adding to, it covers a lot of ideas. Although most people won’t be able to change their entire environment to suit the rules there are always elements that can be used and adapted for your space.

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