Aluminium: Why You Should Buy Aluminium Garden Furniture

Aluminium: Why You Should Buy Aluminium Garden Furniture

Summer is just around the corner, so what better way to enjoy the warm weather than sunning yourself on some stylish garden furniture! We’ve written a whole series of posts about sizing and styling garden furniture (which you can read here). But what about materials? Introducing Aluminium…

What Makes Aluminium So Special?

Aluminium garden furniture is perfect for climates that have a mix of rainy and sunny spells. This is because it is inherently anti-rust. So when exposed to the elements, aluminium develops a microscopic layer of oxide on its exterior. It’s this oxide layer that acts as a barrier to protect the metal from further damage and prevent it from corroding (the more you know!). 

Despite being incredibly durable, aluminium furniture won’t break the bank. This means when you’re picking that perfect garden dining set, you can have both style and quality at an affordable price.

The perfect outdoor armchair: Verano Grey Garden Lounge Chair and Footstool

Verano Grey Garden Lounge Chair and Footstool 

Strength & Durability 

Highly resistant to cracking or other types of blemishes, aluminium garden furniture is ideal for busy families as it can withstand both the elements and frequent use.

Although we do recommend that you store your aluminium furniture in a dry place during the winter months, or use a cover during rainy spells, you don’t have to worry about the elements breaking down the structure of the furniture itself as it is highly resistant.

Danetti Pick: Forget those plastic garden side tables, your garden space can look and feel luxurious too! If you’re looking for a modern and practical garden coffee table to pop next to your bench, then our experts recommend the Cala Grey Frosted Glass Aluminium Garden Side Table Set. The large and small table simply nest together for practical storage and space saving; the larger coffee table is the perfect size for cocktails and nibbles, while the smaller one is an ideal side table for garden decorations, pot plants or more cocktails!

Function & Form

Another great feature of aluminium is that it’s light enough to pick up and move around your garden but substantial enough that it still makes a style impact in the space. This makes it easy to restyle in your garden, and then store inside during the winter months.

Lightweight doesn’t mean flimsy though; aluminium still has a weighted quality which makes it heavy enough to stay put on your patio. This, combined with features such as the frosted glass top of our Palermo and Fresco tables, will keep your garden table neatly in place.

Danetti Pick: If you’re liking what you hear when it comes to aluminium and needs a 6 seater garden table that works for your family, we recommend our Rio Grey 6 Seater Garden Table. This table comes with a built-in ice bucket so you can keep your drinks cool and spend more time with the family during those long, leisurely lunches.

How Do I Clean Aluminium Furniture?

If you’re after garden furniture that’s low maintenance and easy to clean, aluminium is about to become your new best friend! This is especially true if you buy a powder coated frame or cast aluminium as the finish is baked on. This makes it outperform basic sprayed-on coatings when it comes to durability and longevity.

To clean the powder-coated aluminium frame of your table or benches, first, remove any decorative cushions and furniture accessories. Then, simply wash the surface with a lint-free cloth and soapy water. Dirt and salts can build up on the surface over time causing it to look dusty and grimy, so it’s best to first clean this away to avoid damaging the powder coating. 

Top Tip: Don’t forget to wash underneath the furnishing and in all cracks and grooves. If your furniture has a glass top, clean it with a household glass cleaner but try to avoid spraying this on the powder coating.

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