Outdoor Patio Chairs – Get Ready for Summer!

Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to enjoy the warm weather than sunning yourself on a sleek garden chair! Long gone are the days of boring green plastic seating. Our collection of outdoor patio chairs and garden seating have been designed to revitalise both you and your garden space. So sit back and relax this summertime on some stylish seating that has social dining at its heart…


Lola Garden Chair 

The curved shape and simple design of the Lola Garden Chair will create such a welcoming and convivial feel around any garden table. The contemporary look of this garden chair will instantly freshen up the feel of your outdoor space.


Get The Look:

Here we’ve styled the Lola chair alongside the Palermo 2 to 4 seater garden table. This set is perfect if you’re a little pushed for space, or if you don’t want your outdoor space fully occupied by your dining table. With the option to seat two to four people, or to use the table as a centrepiece for drinks and snacks, this set up is incredibly versatile.


Edie Garden Chair 

The Edie Garden Chair is a modern take on traditional garden seating. Easy to clean, lightweight yet durable, the Edie chair ticks plenty of the right boxes!


Get The Look:

Outdoor patio chairs are incredibly versatile. Here we’ve styled the Edie chairs alongside the Fresco table and Palermo corner bench to create a welcoming and sociable outdoor space. The combination of the chairs and bench mixes and matches dining with lounging, while also allowing you to pull up a few extra spaces when you have more guests to seat.


Edie Garden Armchair

If you’re after slightly more support when seated, we suggest choosing a garden armchair. Coordinating with the Edie Garden Chair, the Edie Garden Armchair has space for you to rest your arms so you can really sit back and relax. You can also mix and match dining chairs and armchairs for a stylised look.


Get The Look:

Garden armchairs are a great fit styled at either end of your dining table (this goes for indoors as well). Doing this gives the set more focus. Here we’ve styled the Edie with the Palermo table and bench. By combing a backless bench with the two armchairs, the look remains open and inviting yet seamlessly coordinated.


Skye Garden Chair  

The Skye Garden Chair is such a comfy plastic seat due to the curvature of the seat back. The fluid shape means the chairs can be easily stacked for handy space saving and storage while maintaining a sleek design. The open style back is also a great feature for keeping your garden space looking open and inviting.


Get The Look:

By pairing the crisp white frosted glass finish of the Palermo table with the colourful plastic Sky chair,, the colours really pop. Matcha green is an ideal choice if you want to coordinate with more earthy elements in your garden, such as plants and decking, while the freshness of the white table adds a hint of modern flair.


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